Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog =X
Today is a super tiring day for me, I'm really going to K.O. anytime and anywhere.
No kidding, I'm really that tired.
Went Malaysia, JB on Sunday, and back home yesterday night around 11pm.
By the time I went to bed, was like 12am. LOLs.
Yesterday walk and walk, really very tiring.
Legoland is not small =X
And going through emotions, sickness and all making me tired.

21st December is this Friday, a day where predicted 'End of World'
Hope it's another false prediction.
Time pass too fast.
I hope everyday will be enjoyable, safe and healthy.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ahh... haven't been blogging since I started my new job (3 months contract)
1 month plus never blog, wonder there are still reader reading this blog.
Time pass really fast.
Recently has been anxiously and eagerly waiting for results.
Hopefully those results I am waiting for can really turn out positive and smooth.
Since the start of November, all the way till Mid December, I will have heart attack =X
I believe it will extend until next year =X
I am keeping myself to think as positive as I can.
Chanting to Gohonzon that everything will be smooth as hoped and wished !

Phone has been in my bag most of time when I am at work.
So people always can't contact me, LOLs.
I want to do things fast and do more things at work, so have to put phone aside.
Time pass really fast at work, not because of the slightly shorter working hours.
I just don't know how to explain. HAHA. Anyway that's good sign, means I am enjoying, yea ?

Today is our office open house, can claim OT =p
Since I started working, I've done 2hrs OT =D
Plus today, 2hrs. Extra money, happy happy :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ever since my last day of work at Toshiba, end of my 2yrs 5mths.
I've not been blogging.
Had been busy gaming and watching show, and other stuff.
Need to really focus on my next Mon, Tues and Sat papers for next week =X

Today is my first day at Nalco, my 3mths contract.
So far everything looks great.
Got to assist my manager, and helped abit here and there on those reports.
Ahh, documentation.
Because too many terms, have to keep asking what this and that mean, since I was not told =X
Sounds like an irritating new temp staff =X

My offer letter from agent wrote Temp Admin Assistant.
But I reached here, I am told to be HR Assistant. LOLs. Kind of different.
Hope everything goes smoothly for these period =D

Friday, September 28, 2012

Last day at work, in this company;with these colleague

Leaving without a job, YES, jobless =X
Though I'm only studying Part Time.
Looking for a job related to what I'm going to work as after graduating.
So now need some experience.
Even though I may sound like is ok, take my time.
But I really hope I can quickly get a job, no matter the pay.
Since what I need now is experience.
And it is a switch of career path, a change in the field I'm working as now.
I hope I can accompanish as planned. I'm praying and chanting in my heart.
I must succeed !! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Had my first test on 11th Aug, result still yet to reveal.

Had my second test on 14th Aug, result was out like… yesterday. LOLs.
Had my third test on 8th Sept, obviously won’t be out so soon.
The objective of listing them out is to show how slow and inefficient it is.
Was told 2~3weeks, but it took like 1month =.=
And second test result reveal before first test result, LOLs.

Counting down to my birthday, counting down to my last day, counting down to the month I love =X
Be it good or bad, I have to quickly get a job to sustain my expenses and commitments =X
BF has done his POP. Everything goes so smoothly and he got into what really suit him.
I am so happy for him :)

Watched ‘Step Up Revolution’ last Saturday after my test.
And I have to say, the movie is really great. I love it !
‘Step Up’ never fails to disappoint me in every season, and I watched all the season. Yea ~
This season theme – The Mob is fabulous and touching.
I seriously don’t mind watching it the second time. I just simply love it ! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Haven’t been updating blog for quite some time due to those blocking of web pages.

Damn !! And they are blocking more and more of it.
Used to facebook and twitter, but blocked after using for like 7months =X
Then after moving to new environment, more worst. They block even more.
From LTA distance fare calculator/blog/job serach/certain forum/Singapore Seen to now, even deals =.=
Basically, I can only read news =.=
And I still have another month to go, because extended for 2weeks.
To help, as well as pay usually at month end =D
Really need to work my brain a little more, it’s getting more and more rusty if I’m going to stay here.

Haha, enough said.

Today is Wednesday again, and seriously we don’t like this day because of the lesson. LOLs
Every Wednesday we are having brain damage, LOLs !!
1week, 3days lesson and 1day study.
I get to see my study group mates 4times a week, LOLs.
Since we are all staying quite near (10~20mins travel distance) only. Meeting up to study isn’t a very big problem.
But if we’re to meet up during weekdays, then it will be a problem. Because too late for me.

Bf went NS for 3rd week already.
So far everything seems pretty ok, and normal.
And he is getting used to it, so do I. Since our meet up are always weekends, nothing much changed except 1 of the weekend I am meeting the rest to study :)
But both of us are understanding enough, so happy with it :)

Agreeing with most girls use short terms to express - XOXO

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Have been so busy with the shifting and moving of office, since I am the main coordinator.
With the help of my boss and another senior co-lick :)
Aside from moving to new office, I was also preparing my mid-semester test for last Saturday and Yesterday.
So far so good, hope can get a credit (60s~)
Sounds like my last week was really busy, hell yes !!!
Bf enlisted last week, into SCDF. Took off day to send him, together with his mum and sister.
Last week was a short week, also a busy week for me.
I had 2 hardcore studying days. Friday & Sunday, and I can really confirm it were hell tiring that 2days.

Thanks gohonzon, 2 mid-semester tests module over.
But another hell next month.
Another mid-semester test module and individual assignment due.

Suddenly feel so coincident and nice, alright, got to remind myself to write letter after this xD
And to conclude my busy week, I tender on the first day at new office with effective date yesterday.
And new office blocked a lot of websites, including my blogger. Sad =C

Friday, August 03, 2012

Timetable for our Mid-Semester Test is out +.+
Yesterday had our "Mock Test", which doesn't considered in the grades.
I scored in entries but failed in theory, damn !!
Need to buck up on memorizing those theory already =X

11Aug - Intro. Acct.
14 Aug - Price & Market (MicroEcons)
8 Sept - Bus. Stats.

Going to start meeting course mates out to revise, starting from this Sunday :)
And we intend to meet up in the morning.
Which mean I will have to sleep early every single night, including weekends =C
Need to get more rest in between for weekends, whenever possible (I really hope so)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Have been super duper busy =X

Busy at work:
Because we are moving to new office. (Much smaller =.=)
And I'm the main coordinator for the department, so abit busy.
Those information were given late, and many last minute information. Seriously our HRA screwed up.
Still preferred my previous HRA team, consider much better :)

Busy with studies:
Not much time to revise.
Yesterday lesson, lecturer said mid-semester test should be the NDP week. On Saturday.
And every Wednesday lesson going to stretch longer, more than just 3hrs.
Is ok, struggle a few more weeks and I will have more time. But no money =X

Upcoming week will be busy.
This weekends need to do HomeWork. (will be every weekends)
Next Tuesday on-leave =p But going to do some revision because Thursday's lesson will have "TEST" (Not Actual)
Tuesday on leave because evening going to have cable car sky-dining with BF :)
The one we won during the 'Egg Hunt' game that time, hehex. So happy and looking forward :))

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Since this week, Monday, I started schooling and working FT life.
This week and next week are very shag weeks for me. =C
This week timetable Monday-Wednesday & Friday. Next week timetable Monday-Friday !!!!!
After that will back to normal 3 days lesson per week.
So I have to survive these tiring 2weeks !! JiaYou ss !!!!

So far so good. Schooling is tiring for now because of my work. But going to end soon.
Will announce here soon when there is progress. LOLs.

Was supposed to go partyworld last month (Forget when)
But but but ... ...
Ok, don't talk about it. That was the worst service ever ! For singing.
So we postponed our singing session and venue to another cheapo place =D
(wait a min, did I mentioned who I went with ?)
Went TeoHeng, located at Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC)
Can take shuttle bus from Woodland/Sembawang/Yishun MRT station.
Is crazy !! Is cheap !!
Can click the hyperlink to see their website.
Other than SSC, there are other places as well. Malaysia also got TeoHeng.
  • Cheap Room Rate (By Room, not per head count)
  • No GST/Charges (Room Rate, Nett)
  • Drinks at $1, food like Nacho Cheese (No free drinks & tidbits)
  • Touch-screen monitor (No remote control)
Okay, that's the good and special parts. Now comes the not so good one.
  • 2 MICs (there will be charger for you to charge the mic if it runs out of batteries)
  • Touch-Screen Monitor too sensitive
  • Have to go to 'Selected Songs' to delete songs that are accidently selected
  • Inconvenient location (can check all location here:TeoHeng)
Nothing much to complain about, as overall is good experience.
But some tips to take note/Recommend:
Small Room best for 1-4 pax
Medium Room best for 5-6 pax
Large Room best for 7-10 pax

Actually the room can squeeze in extra 1 pax, for those want it to be much cheaper.
If not, keep to that maximum pax. More comfortable. :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's July already, half a year passed just like that.
School starting soon for me.
I hope everything will be smooth sailing, and things will be according to plan.

And bf going to receive his CCA medal and certificate :)
Is a morning session, but since he is given a full day leave at work, I shall take full day as well.
Not going to HK already, so I can afford to take leave as well.

Ohh yah, redeemed our sky dining voucher last saturday.
I think we will be booking it on the same day since we are on leave, hehex.
I bet it is going to be a great day and night for us ^^

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haven't been blogging for so long, haha.
Have been so busy with work, enrollment and going out. LOLs.
Enrolled to my desire school and course.
This time round have to do well. This might be my last studies in life already (with grades & certificate)
I got no confidence in SCORING, but I keep telling myself I have to do well.
And strive for my future, I have to. Need to start having the passion in my future career.

Anyway, stop all those negatives.

This GSS I really spent alot, ALOTTT !!!!
I did online shopping last week. Bought dresses and clutches.
Yesterday received my clutches, and I'm super happy ^^
The moment I'm back in office, after my toilet break. I saw the parcel on my desk, and my heart went 'WEEEE~~'

Opened up and did some checking, as the parcel looks completely fine.
You can see from the attachment below. (hehex, haven't been uploading pictures for quite some time)

It's a gold clutches, blink blink blink ~~ (
Gorgeous Acrylic Rhinestones/ Satin Shell Evening Handbags from Light In The Box)
This GSS they having 50% off for Shipping & Up to 80% discount on their products
That sliver portion, got 1 little 'scratch' and the inner is a little dirty.
But that is still bearable, it still look as gorgeous. Not big issue.
Quality wise, is really good. The blink blink portion looks pretty and stable. :)
Process was fast.
It mentioned 6-8 business days. But I received mine in like 5days (Includes Saturday & Sunday).
And I got mine at 50% off Shipping & 75% discount :)

Now I'm excited and waiting for my dresses to arrive.
It should be arriving within these 2days :)
Bought 3 dresses, my GF too. And we had 10% discount & FREE Shipping ^^
In case you're wondering why and where we bought it, is at VIVIDOLL :)

Aside from these online shopping, paid for bills and fees as well. Now declare bankrupt :(

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yesterday took half day leave. Left after my lunch with colleagues in the office =D
Waited for awhile at the bus stop as bf's godsis pick me up and drive us to NUS :)
Last minute she got caught up by work, by nevertheless still come 2 different places to drive us over.
*Gan Dong*
Reached there kind of early, and surprisingly many people reached and wore their graduation gown.
His godsis took the flower out from the back of the car. (Surprised us ^^)
After bf done his registration and put on his graduation gown, we head down the lobby and main door for photographing.
After much photo taking, his god sis set off to work. She is so busy =C
So I am alone to watch the whole ceremony, took like 2.5hrs.
Time passed pretty fast because bf text me as and when, took picture of the place all that.

Sort of "rushed" to places before we hit down the mall at Clementi
Because it is nearer, and bf haven't been there before.
As it was close to dinner time, many people were queuing.
And my troublesome bf as usually picking on food, LOLs.
Ended up at Ichiban Sushi, not bad. Nice food =D
Enjoyed ourselves. Dinner just the both of us, like his graduation day. *contented* :)
While queuing, bf suggested we grab something to eat first. Since we were both hungry already =p
We had durian "pancake", next to Ichiban Sushi.
I find it quite nice, but he said the durian not very nice.
Ok lah, still not bad. Eat finish also not full. =X
(Took pictures - on facebook)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We pushed forward our movie date to Saturday.
The queue at Woodland Interchange was long, probably because it's Saturday and we went in around late morning.
Custom(s) were pretty smooth.
Shop a little while at City Square Mall before heading to KSL Mall for our movie date :)
Bought 'Magnum' Ice-Cream near custom, cheap. - RM 3.90
But they don't have the flavour he wanted, and don't have new flavour which already released in SG.
But it tasted the same as usual :)
We rushed to finish the Ice-Cream and took the bus over. (The bus that day was fast ~10mins)
Bought the movie tickets, higher than expected. - RM 12 (Thought was RM 11)
Anyway, it's cheaper.
Head to Swensen a.k.a Season for late lunch. (Cheap but standard not as good)
We preferred the 'Taiwan Store', we had the week before.

Sound system was pretty good, movie was funny but storyline abit poor. - Dark Shadow
Head back home after that.
It was an awesome date again. =D

And, ohh yah. Last Friday was his Graduation Day.
And I was sleep-less the whole night. Wake up with very bad eye bag and panda eyes =.+
His godsis and me went to watch. :)
Was told to reach at 12.30pm and seated by 1pm.
When my bf and I reached there around 12.55pm, the noticeboard stated 'Starts at: 2pm' =.=
Luckily we didn't rush down by cab.
It was damn hot that day !!
His godsis was late (as told 1pm), but make it 15mins before 2pm =D
Then we head in together.
Luckily, got a seat somewhere in the middle. But is the side row =/
The whole thing only lasted 1hr.
Bf treat me for dinner, because he got his 1st month pay :)
I must say, luckily his godsis never join us. If not he will need to foot the bill for 3 people (Me, him, her)

My foot hurts for 3days then fully recover, due to stand and walk too much. =X

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day !!

Yea, tomorrow is my bf's Graduation Ceremony.
It is going to be a happy and skillful day =D
Then in another few days, it is going to be his Merit Award Ceremony.
Another thing to look forward as well =D

These few days are really cold, very very cold. - at least to me, yea ~
I'm down with flu for like 3days ?! damn !! =<
It just come and go, come and go. Can't it just go away.
I don't want it to bother me tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day where things should be going real smooth ~

Ohh yea, last sunday was Mother's Day and I went to Malaysia with bf :)
We went in the morning after Mac'breakfast :)
Our first Malaysia short trip together.
Took Bus 950 in, SG$1.03 (Woodland - JB - Woodland)
Using our own ez-link card.
Walk around City Square Mall, and he bought his tie. :)
But they having renovation, so some shops are closed or going to close.
Bought crepe, eat until puke. Too much already, we should have share 1 instead =.=
Too full for lunch, so we head to KSL Mall ~~
Heard the waiting of the bus is long (~30mins), but we were lucky. Waited like 10mins or less to and back =D
Bus S1, RM$1.50 (JB sentral - KSL - Holiday Plaza - JB sentral)
JB sentral locate opposite City Square Mall and beside Immigration Building.
Driver will only open the door at Holiday Plaza if there is someone sound the bell or boarding it.
If not, mainly JB sentral and KSL trip. =D

As it was my first time in (Haven't been to Malaysia for 3~4yrs), BIG changes already.
Bf told me taking bus 950 is SG$1.50, if miss the bus at woodland custom to JB will going to double up.
But, on the way back we missed the bus. It didn't charge us double. LOLs. Only SG$1.03 whole trip.
Then bus S1 to KSL, he said RM$3.00/person. And we paid !!
But we saw everyone only put RM$1.50/person. So back to SG, I checked and confirmed all the price he quoted to me were wrong. LOLs.
But luckily, KSL back to JB sentral we only pay RM$1.50. Copy others =p

Talk about this, the service at KSL - Sushi King is really bad.
Attitude and Slow. Don't want to elaborate more on it. Haiishx...

Bf suggested we watch movie at KSL, since Malaysia movie ticket is much cheaper than SG.
He demanded to watch on that day, but too rush. So we are going back to watch this sunday :)
Hopefully we can get the ticket, sunday WEEEE ~~~
Think we will be heading to Malaysia quite frequent next time too. =p

Going to update next week, after I watch the movie there.
Heard some of my friends and forum say the cinema not bad.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Last Tuesday was Labour Day, after that worked for 2days and rest the following 4days =p
Damn shiok !! xP
After the long long weekend, everyone seems so reluctant to go back to work =p
And it so happened that my other colleague was on MC yesterday (our 1st day work)
Have rush my things and meanwhile back-up with her stuff.
Luckily everything consider smooth and done almost 3/4.
Today done another 3/4.
Work seems to cannot be done, LOLs.
It's ok , I think tomorrow I should be able to complete all already =p

Quite looking forward to my next rest day, which is next Friday - BF's graduation day
And in few months time, things going to change.
Feel abit not willing, but I have to =C
Life needed go on with rainbow once in awhile.

Too much to look forward. Too little to expect.
I just wish everything goes smoothly as planned or decided.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It's May already !!
After yesterday's labour day, I believe some people still having holiday mood.
Some took 1week off the week.
And especially for my "new" company, we are going to have longer weekend ~
This Friday off day and next Monday is Off-In-Lieu =D
Haha, I'm so going to stay at home and watch show and rot. LOLs
I'm thinking of going out, shall message someone later and see how =D
Anyway I've sent out the message already, LOLs.
Weekends have been so enjoyable ~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My blogger home page changed new design.
Hope I can get use to this new outlook =D

Haven't been in a good mood and cheerful me for quite some time last week.
Things had been troubling me, and I hope I can overcome them.
I hope my skill ain't rusty too, JYs !! :)

Previous post was saying that I will be attending 2 of my bf's graduation ceremony.
Yea, but I haven't apply leave yet. Maybe next few days must apply already.
Thinking about this year, is really passing fast. Now is already End of April, May is coming.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Got 2 super good news !!
Bf got his bursary money from CC liao ~
Then he is also qualified for the Merit Award.
Merit Award = Top 5% of the course cohort =D
He is so damn smart and talented.

Im going to attend two of his graduation ceremony. =p
1 for his graduation ceremony in HQ - for his certificate
1 for his Merit Certificate ceremony in NUS.
He shown me NUS cultural hall, OMG !!
So damn big and beautiful ~
Maybe next week then apply half day leave for each of it =D
Seriously, he is great ! No word to express how smart my bf is =D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally, everything comes to an end ~
All the excitement and looking forward has ended.
Bf's birthday is over, and he turned 21 yesterday.
Though Im not the first to wish him, though I did not really make his 21st unique.
But, I believe what I gave him this year are something special that he never thought of =D
Photos are on FB, so viewer can browse through my FB to take a look on them =D

This year Im really spending too much, need to save more too.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Im super excited, especially when it draws closer.
Though it's just a normal birthday celebration for my bf, 21st.
21st should be made official and slightly grand a little, but he choose not to.
Alright, Im rather excited than him even though he is the 1 turning 21, not me.
This is the first time, Im paying something for his liking/needs.
He started work, 2months contract, so in need of formal top.
So last weekend went to look for it and bought 2.
1 at original price and another at half price.
As we know, guy's formal usually are more expensive than female.
And I didn't set any budget, LOLs. That's only when he asked me then I realise I got no budget =.=
Anyway, most importantly he is happy with it. (I will be happy when I know he is too =D)
That 2 formal top were for his upcoming birthday =p

Monday, April 02, 2012

This few days really suay.
Don't feel like talking about it.
Anyway my HK trip with friends postponed to early October due to 1 of them found a new job.
So got 3months probation.
At least we got more time to look for a good deal, meanwhile need to save up a little.
Because this month I got 2 VIP birthday.
I just settled 1, now waiting for the other 1 to update me her schedule.
Since the day of pay day until today, I really spent quite alot.
Later need to go ATM do some transfer and checking so can tally my own record.

This year is a year I will spend alot.
Overseas, attend weddings and birthdays =X

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been busying, that's why no update here. Sorry to my readers. X_X

I managed to survive 6days =D
After that busy 6days, I was preparing my Macau/Zhuhai trip which was last wed-sun.
We took Tiger Airline (2way) because that was the only airline and schedule (1 SLOT ONLY)
Came back was an hour delayed because of the weather.
Caused the flight from SIN-MACAU delay, thus our MACAU-SIN also delay.
But is ok, we managed to had our meal and rest awhile at the airport.
Very fruitful, enjoying and tiring trip.
Everyday walking and taking photos (On Facebook) =p
Bought quite a few stuff, very heavy =X
Bought T-shirt, Under-garment, Souvenirs, Local Snacks (Famous), Tea Leaves - Can't think of anymore =p
As usual, duty free bought alcohol.
Add on super more weight, haha.

This year is a year for 'Snake' to travel ~
Jan went Penang with mom and her colleagues (3D2N)
Mar went Macau & Zhuhai with bf (5D4N)
Apr going Malaysia with bf for shopping (1D)
Jun going HongKong with ah Von & Brina (Tentatively 4D3N)

Not sure still got oversea planning for this year anot. (I hope not, need to save money =X)
Anyway, I have to keep saving money for those trips. ADD OIL ! ADD OIL !!

Friday, March 02, 2012

这么多天都熬过了,这么几天一定也没问题 !!

Last year my colleague went on holiday for like 2+ weeks, and I was told to back her up.
This time round only 1 week, sure no problem.
Since I've been helping out the daily operation for almost a year already.
Hmm. But in between got many changes and problems, so current status abit complicated.
I got to make sure I won't have mistake.
1/2 day passing, and today is friday ~~ (more relax comparing to Mon-Wed)
So I consider myself left with another 4days and she will be back again =D
This 2years (I rounded up), my job scope changes quite a little.
- I changed my job scope completely after my 1st year in the company.
- This 2nd year, my job scope is quite constant and stable already. Though there is always minor job adding.

Im quite looking forward to this weekend, because Im going career fair with BF on sunday =D
This year will be a huge change of life for us.
I hope everything goes smoothly for both of us.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recently, Im hyper active on twitter.
Busy with 'Retweet' - 'Quote' - 'Reply'
Sharing with my followers those wonderful quotes.

Omg !! Im eating beehoon I brought from home, and it's super oily and salty. (Mom bought last night =.=)
Damn !! I have to eat something light/soup for lunch later.

Lastly, before I end my post,

Today is 29th Feb

another weekday -> Wednesday -> Work

Friday, February 24, 2012

This post is slightly late because I forgotten to blog. HAHA ~

Update update update.
The badge is no longer on his bag, LOLs.
He took it out like don't know when, haha.
But he's still with the pendant I gave him, hehex. Sweet right.
Doing so many disguisting acts on that precious pendant =X
I witness it !!
But nevermind, he going to wear it, not me. HAHAHA ~~

And out of sudden, he's like so sweet lor. (Always like - once in a long long time)
Shall not elaborate on it =p

Can't stop thinking about my prata for tomorrow's supper. Woot ~

Monday, February 20, 2012

Recently I had been trying to advertise my friend's online store on facebook.
Now, Im going to advertise it here as well.

If you're looking for some good deal for Iphone Accessories,
this is the one - Berry Beary.

  • Iphone Cover (Different colour and design)

  • Screen Protector

Prices range from SGD 0 - 10
(Exclude)Normal mailing: SGD 1.50
(Exclude)Registered mailing: SGD 2.24

Payment mode: Internet Banking / Meet Up

For more updates, you can simply click here to 'like' the page on facebook.
Alternatively, you may click on this to 'add as friend'.

For more enquiries, you may drop an email.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Im a lazy blogger =X
I realized I've not been blogging for quite some time already.
Let me update something about Valentine's day instead =D
Bf and I went to "celebrate" on sunday.
I suggested we exchange the gift at home first, so that he won't have to bring it home after that.
Because I know he is lazy, always lazy to hold on his hands. =.=

This is the funny part -->>
I took a peek on the gift like an hour before we suggested to exchange.
Don't say why I so bad hor.
Was because he placed the plastic bag on his desk, and I was using his laptop.
Just beside my hands. =p
So, as usual with curiosity. I took it on my hand and see what's in there.
Tadahh ~~ Is a watch.
My first thought 'Confirm is my valentine's gift' HAHA ~~
Because I told him many times that the watch I've been wearing is a spare one from my mom.
And he saw me wearing perhaps I should saymy wrist is too small. LOLs.
So I faster placed it back to original place, haha. (evil me)
So when we were to exchange gift, he asked me to guess what he is going to give me.
I replied - watch.
He was so shock, haha.
And asked me how I knew.
So I honestly told him, I saw it just now. HAHA ~~
He looked rather disappointed. But Im very happy, wear it on since that very moment =D
-- end

I gave him a pendant with chinese characters on it.
He wore the very moment he saw it. And he wear it everyday - school/shower/sleep =p
I was so ps because he asked me what it meant. (His chinese downgrade already, LOLs)
But after I explained, he was so happy =p
When it comes to the card, I have to explain to him as well.
But he got the meaning, and also those round pin.
He pin that 'I Love to Fart' on his bag, haha. Even his sister laughed at him on the spot. LOLs.
This weekend going to his place again, wonder will I still see it on his bag. Hmm.
Oh yah, not to forget another pin was 'I LOVE YOU' - chinese =D

After that we head down to Northpoint swensen for dinner.
We went Bishan swensen last year, LOLs. After I uploaded the pictures then realize =.=
Anyway, we are so happy with each other's gift.

Monday, February 06, 2012

I find last weekend was a short one, because I only get to meet my bf few hours on Saturday & Sunday.
Was busy travelling to relative's place/banking/bf's place.
But I was really happy and enjoying, I bet he's too.
We're spending quality time together. Finally this week will start to have more time together again, as in weekend.

Bf is busy, very busy. Just nice, I kept myself busy as well.
So he had more time with his work.
He is going to have cooking challeng/competition this Thursday morning =D
Hope he can do well, as a assistant. HAHA ~
And he is having off for Thursday and next Monday, I wish I have too =/
But nevermind.
I'm looking forward to this Saturaday, BBQ at my house downstair, neighbourhood park.
Foods are partially booked, another half will be buying this Thursday after work.
And I need to stock up my department's stationary as well.
Changing money this month, I think. For my next month trip.
I'm so happy, January went Penang and March going Zhuhai/Macau =D
Alright, shall update again soon.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Recently realized we don't have much time resting together.
It was always going out. Haven't been resting at home since 2012 approached.
Think this will carry on till next week.
Must be the Chinese New Year, making us busy with our stuffs.

Everybody's so looking forward to tonight's 10M. Haha ~
Good Luck fellows ~~
And Chingay participants as well, put on the best show tonight and tomorrow !! =D

This few weeks have been reading up other's people love story.
So entertaining and enjoying, feel so warmth :)
Im quite looking forward to V-day =D

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

就是超不爽的 !!

因为我又吃醋了啦 !!

一年到头不知道要吃多少呢 !!



Sometimes I just keep those in my mouth, but this time round really feeling *weird*
Seriously don't like that feeling.
Have been telling myself not to be so duper sensitive, but it don't seems to work.
Argghhh... I just hate to admit Im a 'Jealousy Queen'

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've been so bored at work, for almost a year.
I hope my plan for this year will go well, seriously a must !!

Anyway last saturday booked our Zhuhai/Macau trip during March holiday, cost us a 'BOMB'
Bf had to pay partial of mine in advance because I'm so broke =\
Have to return him after I get my pay this month.
Looks like this month after pay day, I'm still quite poor =C
With my pathetic less than 2k pay, I have to pay my own HP bill, insurance, NTUC card, savings, studies, other expenses & mom's allowance every month.
I really have to lock myself this 2months, so that I can save money for my trip in March.
But is not quite possible because V'tine & B'day falls in between =\

And I'm going Penang with my mom and her colleague/friends next Friday-Monday.
Which means I already take 2days leave in January.
She wants to take plane there and take bus back, damn !! That's a long journey.
But we haven't get the bus ticket because it runs out already, so back up will be fly back =p (I hope we can take plane back, because it's faster)
Anyway my Zhuhai/Macau trip going to be a 5Days or should I say 4.5days =.=
Because we taking the morning flight back, damn !!
With all those tour, we have to spend so much on flight because we need to fly together with the rest. Irritating !!
And that takes away my 3days of leave =.=

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

With much determination, I went to rebond my hair last saturday.
I was quite satisfied with the overall, but I find it a little curl up when it dry =C
I even went down to ask the person again, they said I got too many layer =.=
ok, then I shall wash and oil my hair regularly to maintain it longer.
It cost $98, the person helped me to trim abit of my fringe & hair end without charging extra =p
$98 - Pre-treatment + Lo'real Rebonding + Post-treatment (including triming)
The person do very fast, and also made me wonder how long this straight hair can last me =X

This few weeks really spent alot =X
I spent up my 1mth pay already =XX
Of course, I still constantly save up for my studies. But lesser =X
The time has arrived for me to start a new stage this year.
Studies & Job.
I'm so excited and meanwhile afraid. I really wish to do well.
I hope to push myself to a higher state. I really hope I can determine and motivate myself =D

Friday, January 06, 2012

DBS & POSB ATM fraud, unauthorised withdrawals made in M'sia.

DAMN !! They are so irritating. Scamming, robbing, kidnapping, killing & etc.
What the hell is M'sia government doing, why like that ?
This is so not safe lah, even those not contacted with them also got con.
What is this man !
I have not stepped into M'sia for months/a year. So dangerous.
But I might go there in late January, I going to chant for safety.

Got to check my account tonight, to see all transaction one-by-one.
Because 2days ago, after my withdrawal from ATM, I notice the amount don't tally with what I estimated last week.
That is far beyond my records. Hopefully, nothing went wrong in between.
I've been thinking where has my money gone to, why am I spending so much in just 2weeks !!!

M1/STARHUB/SINGTEL/SMRT/DBS & POSB, damn !! What's next ?
With so many nature disaster. Buy lottery also not so coincidence, nature disaster affected our company twice last year. And I got hit by all those listed above, WHAT THE FUCK !!!!
This is so hilarious right.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Countdown was a great one ! Even though we did not spent the 1st year together, but we spent it together for the 4th year already. Took some pictures and a mini cute Fireworks video, LOLs.
Countdown was like an Eat-and-Eat day for us.
Bf going NS this year, so I assume we will not be spending this day together for 2years.
At least don't give myself hope, so that I won't be happily looking forward.

After long long "Holiday Period", today is the first day of work again.
But still, many of us still in our mood. Haha.

Every year, I've been saying - Next year will be a better one.
And I do wish it will be a better one.
Where things will start to change. Like - back to school, switch of job, bf into ns.