Saturday, May 25, 2013

Its my Saturday duty again, covering for another colleague who is going vacation during this long weekend.
Haha, I'm such a nice colleague. LOLs.
Next week will be my 3rd month here, time flies.
I had my Saturday duty exactly 1 month ago, and now my 2nd duty =p
Means I have 8hrs off to clear, hehex.
Freezing cold here, because only me and another colleague on duty.
Usually Saturday duty only 2-3 people. So, even with jacket also cold =.=
Still got 2hrs 30mins, time pass very fast because I'm busy doing things.
Like doing my assignment for the past 1hr, and chit chat to cleaner aunty. LOLs.
Also help my boss to pack her stuff.
She had been on urgent leave for the whole week, and tomorrow she is flying away for Recruitment Trip.
Hope she is doing fine, and everything goes smoothly.

Can't wait for next week to arrive, because I'm going on a date with bf =p
Haven't been dating for like months. The most only last mintue movie and meal then we head home already.
Next week going somewhere further for date, take photos, buy present for friend.
Can't wait.

I used to dream...
But I know it won't happen already, it's going to postpone. Dream, only dream...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Had my hair cut and dye last Thursday.
Exam, last Friday.
Intensive module start immediately on Monday =.=
Whole week very busy and tired.
Though I'm always busy and tired, LOLs.

Enjoying my work life, my school life, my life :)

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Realized I haven't been blogging for more than 2months.
Can see how busy I am, especially after I've got my current job.
2months here, and I am still enjoying my work.
Nice welfare and working environment, so far, so good.
Everything should be able to be within my plan. Just like my previous job, though leaving my first company is not easy.
Not easy because I really love the working environment and people there.
Everything in life, things need to come to an end, same goes for this.
I try to follow my plan closely, almost 100% =D

I don't know how many people or friends still come and read my blog.
But I enjoy typing what I feel here, once in awhile. I feel better after blogging.
Since secondary school life until now, never stop me from blogging :)
Just like music, since 20years ago. It never leave me at all. My life =D

Nobody understand yourself more than yourself. Agree totally.