Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've been so bored at work, for almost a year.
I hope my plan for this year will go well, seriously a must !!

Anyway last saturday booked our Zhuhai/Macau trip during March holiday, cost us a 'BOMB'
Bf had to pay partial of mine in advance because I'm so broke =\
Have to return him after I get my pay this month.
Looks like this month after pay day, I'm still quite poor =C
With my pathetic less than 2k pay, I have to pay my own HP bill, insurance, NTUC card, savings, studies, other expenses & mom's allowance every month.
I really have to lock myself this 2months, so that I can save money for my trip in March.
But is not quite possible because V'tine & B'day falls in between =\

And I'm going Penang with my mom and her colleague/friends next Friday-Monday.
Which means I already take 2days leave in January.
She wants to take plane there and take bus back, damn !! That's a long journey.
But we haven't get the bus ticket because it runs out already, so back up will be fly back =p (I hope we can take plane back, because it's faster)
Anyway my Zhuhai/Macau trip going to be a 5Days or should I say 4.5days =.=
Because we taking the morning flight back, damn !!
With all those tour, we have to spend so much on flight because we need to fly together with the rest. Irritating !!
And that takes away my 3days of leave =.=

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

With much determination, I went to rebond my hair last saturday.
I was quite satisfied with the overall, but I find it a little curl up when it dry =C
I even went down to ask the person again, they said I got too many layer =.=
ok, then I shall wash and oil my hair regularly to maintain it longer.
It cost $98, the person helped me to trim abit of my fringe & hair end without charging extra =p
$98 - Pre-treatment + Lo'real Rebonding + Post-treatment (including triming)
The person do very fast, and also made me wonder how long this straight hair can last me =X

This few weeks really spent alot =X
I spent up my 1mth pay already =XX
Of course, I still constantly save up for my studies. But lesser =X
The time has arrived for me to start a new stage this year.
Studies & Job.
I'm so excited and meanwhile afraid. I really wish to do well.
I hope to push myself to a higher state. I really hope I can determine and motivate myself =D

Friday, January 06, 2012

DBS & POSB ATM fraud, unauthorised withdrawals made in M'sia.

DAMN !! They are so irritating. Scamming, robbing, kidnapping, killing & etc.
What the hell is M'sia government doing, why like that ?
This is so not safe lah, even those not contacted with them also got con.
What is this man !
I have not stepped into M'sia for months/a year. So dangerous.
But I might go there in late January, I going to chant for safety.

Got to check my account tonight, to see all transaction one-by-one.
Because 2days ago, after my withdrawal from ATM, I notice the amount don't tally with what I estimated last week.
That is far beyond my records. Hopefully, nothing went wrong in between.
I've been thinking where has my money gone to, why am I spending so much in just 2weeks !!!

M1/STARHUB/SINGTEL/SMRT/DBS & POSB, damn !! What's next ?
With so many nature disaster. Buy lottery also not so coincidence, nature disaster affected our company twice last year. And I got hit by all those listed above, WHAT THE FUCK !!!!
This is so hilarious right.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Countdown was a great one ! Even though we did not spent the 1st year together, but we spent it together for the 4th year already. Took some pictures and a mini cute Fireworks video, LOLs.
Countdown was like an Eat-and-Eat day for us.
Bf going NS this year, so I assume we will not be spending this day together for 2years.
At least don't give myself hope, so that I won't be happily looking forward.

After long long "Holiday Period", today is the first day of work again.
But still, many of us still in our mood. Haha.

Every year, I've been saying - Next year will be a better one.
And I do wish it will be a better one.
Where things will start to change. Like - back to school, switch of job, bf into ns.