Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mood: Hanging mid air

Now waiting for supplementary exam result, this week is the 3rd week already. Really hope can pass, otherwise need to retake the whole module next year.

I had a super hectic 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter this year, I am so happy it's over. 2 weddings and NDP all done. Once my postgraduate diploma officially ok, means my 2016 achieved a lot. Because juggling so many things at one go is really not easy. In order to be my friend's bridesmaid, I either skipped the whole day class or skipped half day class so that I can make myself available on weekend morning for the morning session of wedding. Since all my classes are weekend, that also means that if I skipped more than half or one lesson, I will not be able to sit for exam. I am glad the toughest period are over because I really struggled. My boyfriend really is my main strength, always there to give me all the support and holding me when I think I cannot make it >.<

Work have been so shitty, since the day my ex-colleague who were doing training left. Things changed, people here also. I would say it's good and bad. Good because she had a lot of experiences and can really guide us through in some points. Bad because she is too bossy and too much to handle, however my supervisor still like her. Probably because she got the experience and she knows what she wants and will get things done the way she wants. Many colleagues from other departments don't like her and I know she don't bother and don't care that since she don't PR around or joke around. I would say that she is a very serious person, maybe because she is too MNC/corporate person. Now the whole team all aunties, and I really not good in handling these group of people especially I got 2 extreme person here. Signed up for a training hoping that it can guide me or give me some lights on how to handle such people around me. Too much to say about work, really don't know how to put into words here, just hoping for the better. I still have like 4 years to go then can get my 5 years long service award here, I just hope I can survive through. Haha

Want to post more but my brain doesn't seem to work, haha. Been feeling so tired at work recently, maybe also because year end is approaching. Kind of hate it because one year passed so fast and Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming, which is the occasion I don't like the most because we need to do house visiting at relatives place, and some only visit during CNY =.=