Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recently, Im hyper active on twitter.
Busy with 'Retweet' - 'Quote' - 'Reply'
Sharing with my followers those wonderful quotes.

Omg !! Im eating beehoon I brought from home, and it's super oily and salty. (Mom bought last night =.=)
Damn !! I have to eat something light/soup for lunch later.

Lastly, before I end my post,

Today is 29th Feb

another weekday -> Wednesday -> Work

Friday, February 24, 2012

This post is slightly late because I forgotten to blog. HAHA ~

Update update update.
The badge is no longer on his bag, LOLs.
He took it out like don't know when, haha.
But he's still with the pendant I gave him, hehex. Sweet right.
Doing so many disguisting acts on that precious pendant =X
I witness it !!
But nevermind, he going to wear it, not me. HAHAHA ~~

And out of sudden, he's like so sweet lor. (Always like - once in a long long time)
Shall not elaborate on it =p

Can't stop thinking about my prata for tomorrow's supper. Woot ~

Monday, February 20, 2012

Recently I had been trying to advertise my friend's online store on facebook.
Now, Im going to advertise it here as well.

If you're looking for some good deal for Iphone Accessories,
this is the one - Berry Beary.

  • Iphone Cover (Different colour and design)

  • Screen Protector

Prices range from SGD 0 - 10
(Exclude)Normal mailing: SGD 1.50
(Exclude)Registered mailing: SGD 2.24

Payment mode: Internet Banking / Meet Up

For more updates, you can simply click here to 'like' the page on facebook.
Alternatively, you may click on this to 'add as friend'.

For more enquiries, you may drop an email.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Im a lazy blogger =X
I realized I've not been blogging for quite some time already.
Let me update something about Valentine's day instead =D
Bf and I went to "celebrate" on sunday.
I suggested we exchange the gift at home first, so that he won't have to bring it home after that.
Because I know he is lazy, always lazy to hold on his hands. =.=

This is the funny part -->>
I took a peek on the gift like an hour before we suggested to exchange.
Don't say why I so bad hor.
Was because he placed the plastic bag on his desk, and I was using his laptop.
Just beside my hands. =p
So, as usual with curiosity. I took it on my hand and see what's in there.
Tadahh ~~ Is a watch.
My first thought 'Confirm is my valentine's gift' HAHA ~~
Because I told him many times that the watch I've been wearing is a spare one from my mom.
And he saw me wearing perhaps I should saymy wrist is too small. LOLs.
So I faster placed it back to original place, haha. (evil me)
So when we were to exchange gift, he asked me to guess what he is going to give me.
I replied - watch.
He was so shock, haha.
And asked me how I knew.
So I honestly told him, I saw it just now. HAHA ~~
He looked rather disappointed. But Im very happy, wear it on since that very moment =D
-- end

I gave him a pendant with chinese characters on it.
He wore the very moment he saw it. And he wear it everyday - school/shower/sleep =p
I was so ps because he asked me what it meant. (His chinese downgrade already, LOLs)
But after I explained, he was so happy =p
When it comes to the card, I have to explain to him as well.
But he got the meaning, and also those round pin.
He pin that 'I Love to Fart' on his bag, haha. Even his sister laughed at him on the spot. LOLs.
This weekend going to his place again, wonder will I still see it on his bag. Hmm.
Oh yah, not to forget another pin was 'I LOVE YOU' - chinese =D

After that we head down to Northpoint swensen for dinner.
We went Bishan swensen last year, LOLs. After I uploaded the pictures then realize =.=
Anyway, we are so happy with each other's gift.

Monday, February 06, 2012

I find last weekend was a short one, because I only get to meet my bf few hours on Saturday & Sunday.
Was busy travelling to relative's place/banking/bf's place.
But I was really happy and enjoying, I bet he's too.
We're spending quality time together. Finally this week will start to have more time together again, as in weekend.

Bf is busy, very busy. Just nice, I kept myself busy as well.
So he had more time with his work.
He is going to have cooking challeng/competition this Thursday morning =D
Hope he can do well, as a assistant. HAHA ~
And he is having off for Thursday and next Monday, I wish I have too =/
But nevermind.
I'm looking forward to this Saturaday, BBQ at my house downstair, neighbourhood park.
Foods are partially booked, another half will be buying this Thursday after work.
And I need to stock up my department's stationary as well.
Changing money this month, I think. For my next month trip.
I'm so happy, January went Penang and March going Zhuhai/Macau =D
Alright, shall update again soon.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Recently realized we don't have much time resting together.
It was always going out. Haven't been resting at home since 2012 approached.
Think this will carry on till next week.
Must be the Chinese New Year, making us busy with our stuffs.

Everybody's so looking forward to tonight's 10M. Haha ~
Good Luck fellows ~~
And Chingay participants as well, put on the best show tonight and tomorrow !! =D

This few weeks have been reading up other's people love story.
So entertaining and enjoying, feel so warmth :)
Im quite looking forward to V-day =D

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

就是超不爽的 !!

因为我又吃醋了啦 !!

一年到头不知道要吃多少呢 !!



Sometimes I just keep those in my mouth, but this time round really feeling *weird*
Seriously don't like that feeling.
Have been telling myself not to be so duper sensitive, but it don't seems to work.
Argghhh... I just hate to admit Im a 'Jealousy Queen'