Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haven't been blogging for so long, haha.
Have been so busy with work, enrollment and going out. LOLs.
Enrolled to my desire school and course.
This time round have to do well. This might be my last studies in life already (with grades & certificate)
I got no confidence in SCORING, but I keep telling myself I have to do well.
And strive for my future, I have to. Need to start having the passion in my future career.

Anyway, stop all those negatives.

This GSS I really spent alot, ALOTTT !!!!
I did online shopping last week. Bought dresses and clutches.
Yesterday received my clutches, and I'm super happy ^^
The moment I'm back in office, after my toilet break. I saw the parcel on my desk, and my heart went 'WEEEE~~'

Opened up and did some checking, as the parcel looks completely fine.
You can see from the attachment below. (hehex, haven't been uploading pictures for quite some time)

It's a gold clutches, blink blink blink ~~ (
Gorgeous Acrylic Rhinestones/ Satin Shell Evening Handbags from Light In The Box)
This GSS they having 50% off for Shipping & Up to 80% discount on their products
That sliver portion, got 1 little 'scratch' and the inner is a little dirty.
But that is still bearable, it still look as gorgeous. Not big issue.
Quality wise, is really good. The blink blink portion looks pretty and stable. :)
Process was fast.
It mentioned 6-8 business days. But I received mine in like 5days (Includes Saturday & Sunday).
And I got mine at 50% off Shipping & 75% discount :)

Now I'm excited and waiting for my dresses to arrive.
It should be arriving within these 2days :)
Bought 3 dresses, my GF too. And we had 10% discount & FREE Shipping ^^
In case you're wondering why and where we bought it, is at VIVIDOLL :)

Aside from these online shopping, paid for bills and fees as well. Now declare bankrupt :(