Monday, March 17, 2014

Enrolled into new school, specialise in HR now. Hopefully I can make it smoothly to graduation day since the course is only 1 year.
Changed job too, after my 1 year contract ends with my previous company 2 weeks ago.
I initiate not to renew as I wish to gain more experience from other company.
This company is good, but I don't seems to like what I am doing because the role is not what I want.
But I am trying to do well since it's my job and it's also a 1 year contract.
Though I wish to stay in this company longer, maybe/hopefully can internal transfer.

My BGR has been very smooth ever since my bf came into my life and I am very contented and blissful.
He bring my inner self back, my smile, my laughter, my happiness.
I don't know how to express it, but definitely great to have him with me.
Whenever with him, I sure feel very peaceful and happy.
Even without him, I can smile un-knowingly like an idiot.

I don't care whether anyone still reading my blog.
I don't care what people think about what I type here.
This blog has become my personal diary, whenever I am feeling moody, I sure think of blogging.
Not that I can't put it private or myself, but just feel like spouting it here to feel better.

I realise time is passing too fast, I am getting more worried. To be honest, more stress too.
The time I keep going for self-reflection and walking alone outside is increasing.
To breathe in and out some fresh air and trying not to be moody and affected.
Work is not too tough or very very busy, just that I think I am giving myself even more pressure each day.
Especially this year is a big changes for me like school and work.

Too many to say, too lazy to type.