Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yesterday took half day leave. Left after my lunch with colleagues in the office =D
Waited for awhile at the bus stop as bf's godsis pick me up and drive us to NUS :)
Last minute she got caught up by work, by nevertheless still come 2 different places to drive us over.
*Gan Dong*
Reached there kind of early, and surprisingly many people reached and wore their graduation gown.
His godsis took the flower out from the back of the car. (Surprised us ^^)
After bf done his registration and put on his graduation gown, we head down the lobby and main door for photographing.
After much photo taking, his god sis set off to work. She is so busy =C
So I am alone to watch the whole ceremony, took like 2.5hrs.
Time passed pretty fast because bf text me as and when, took picture of the place all that.

Sort of "rushed" to places before we hit down the mall at Clementi
Because it is nearer, and bf haven't been there before.
As it was close to dinner time, many people were queuing.
And my troublesome bf as usually picking on food, LOLs.
Ended up at Ichiban Sushi, not bad. Nice food =D
Enjoyed ourselves. Dinner just the both of us, like his graduation day. *contented* :)
While queuing, bf suggested we grab something to eat first. Since we were both hungry already =p
We had durian "pancake", next to Ichiban Sushi.
I find it quite nice, but he said the durian not very nice.
Ok lah, still not bad. Eat finish also not full. =X
(Took pictures - on facebook)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We pushed forward our movie date to Saturday.
The queue at Woodland Interchange was long, probably because it's Saturday and we went in around late morning.
Custom(s) were pretty smooth.
Shop a little while at City Square Mall before heading to KSL Mall for our movie date :)
Bought 'Magnum' Ice-Cream near custom, cheap. - RM 3.90
But they don't have the flavour he wanted, and don't have new flavour which already released in SG.
But it tasted the same as usual :)
We rushed to finish the Ice-Cream and took the bus over. (The bus that day was fast ~10mins)
Bought the movie tickets, higher than expected. - RM 12 (Thought was RM 11)
Anyway, it's cheaper.
Head to Swensen a.k.a Season for late lunch. (Cheap but standard not as good)
We preferred the 'Taiwan Store', we had the week before.

Sound system was pretty good, movie was funny but storyline abit poor. - Dark Shadow
Head back home after that.
It was an awesome date again. =D

And, ohh yah. Last Friday was his Graduation Day.
And I was sleep-less the whole night. Wake up with very bad eye bag and panda eyes =.+
His godsis and me went to watch. :)
Was told to reach at 12.30pm and seated by 1pm.
When my bf and I reached there around 12.55pm, the noticeboard stated 'Starts at: 2pm' =.=
Luckily we didn't rush down by cab.
It was damn hot that day !!
His godsis was late (as told 1pm), but make it 15mins before 2pm =D
Then we head in together.
Luckily, got a seat somewhere in the middle. But is the side row =/
The whole thing only lasted 1hr.
Bf treat me for dinner, because he got his 1st month pay :)
I must say, luckily his godsis never join us. If not he will need to foot the bill for 3 people (Me, him, her)

My foot hurts for 3days then fully recover, due to stand and walk too much. =X

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day !!

Yea, tomorrow is my bf's Graduation Ceremony.
It is going to be a happy and skillful day =D
Then in another few days, it is going to be his Merit Award Ceremony.
Another thing to look forward as well =D

These few days are really cold, very very cold. - at least to me, yea ~
I'm down with flu for like 3days ?! damn !! =<
It just come and go, come and go. Can't it just go away.
I don't want it to bother me tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day where things should be going real smooth ~

Ohh yea, last sunday was Mother's Day and I went to Malaysia with bf :)
We went in the morning after Mac'breakfast :)
Our first Malaysia short trip together.
Took Bus 950 in, SG$1.03 (Woodland - JB - Woodland)
Using our own ez-link card.
Walk around City Square Mall, and he bought his tie. :)
But they having renovation, so some shops are closed or going to close.
Bought crepe, eat until puke. Too much already, we should have share 1 instead =.=
Too full for lunch, so we head to KSL Mall ~~
Heard the waiting of the bus is long (~30mins), but we were lucky. Waited like 10mins or less to and back =D
Bus S1, RM$1.50 (JB sentral - KSL - Holiday Plaza - JB sentral)
JB sentral locate opposite City Square Mall and beside Immigration Building.
Driver will only open the door at Holiday Plaza if there is someone sound the bell or boarding it.
If not, mainly JB sentral and KSL trip. =D

As it was my first time in (Haven't been to Malaysia for 3~4yrs), BIG changes already.
Bf told me taking bus 950 is SG$1.50, if miss the bus at woodland custom to JB will going to double up.
But, on the way back we missed the bus. It didn't charge us double. LOLs. Only SG$1.03 whole trip.
Then bus S1 to KSL, he said RM$3.00/person. And we paid !!
But we saw everyone only put RM$1.50/person. So back to SG, I checked and confirmed all the price he quoted to me were wrong. LOLs.
But luckily, KSL back to JB sentral we only pay RM$1.50. Copy others =p

Talk about this, the service at KSL - Sushi King is really bad.
Attitude and Slow. Don't want to elaborate more on it. Haiishx...

Bf suggested we watch movie at KSL, since Malaysia movie ticket is much cheaper than SG.
He demanded to watch on that day, but too rush. So we are going back to watch this sunday :)
Hopefully we can get the ticket, sunday WEEEE ~~~
Think we will be heading to Malaysia quite frequent next time too. =p

Going to update next week, after I watch the movie there.
Heard some of my friends and forum say the cinema not bad.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Last Tuesday was Labour Day, after that worked for 2days and rest the following 4days =p
Damn shiok !! xP
After the long long weekend, everyone seems so reluctant to go back to work =p
And it so happened that my other colleague was on MC yesterday (our 1st day work)
Have rush my things and meanwhile back-up with her stuff.
Luckily everything consider smooth and done almost 3/4.
Today done another 3/4.
Work seems to cannot be done, LOLs.
It's ok , I think tomorrow I should be able to complete all already =p

Quite looking forward to my next rest day, which is next Friday - BF's graduation day
And in few months time, things going to change.
Feel abit not willing, but I have to =C
Life needed go on with rainbow once in awhile.

Too much to look forward. Too little to expect.
I just wish everything goes smoothly as planned or decided.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It's May already !!
After yesterday's labour day, I believe some people still having holiday mood.
Some took 1week off the week.
And especially for my "new" company, we are going to have longer weekend ~
This Friday off day and next Monday is Off-In-Lieu =D
Haha, I'm so going to stay at home and watch show and rot. LOLs
I'm thinking of going out, shall message someone later and see how =D
Anyway I've sent out the message already, LOLs.
Weekends have been so enjoyable ~