Thursday, July 31, 2008

1) Why am I doing this?
bcuz ah kor lor... sabo mi ><
2) Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
can go japan mahx?? wanna go wif darling ^^
3) What's your favourite thing to do?
definitely nt studying...
4) Do you think money can buy love?
money can nvr buy love...
5) If you have one dream to come true, what will it be?
happiness in life wif darling...
6) Do you believe you can survive without money?
i dun think so bahx...
7) Have you ever played an instrument?
recorder consider?? =D piano;organ
8) If you win $1million, what will you do?
half for donation... 1/4 each for family... moi share will b [bank;spend]
9) What do you think of yourself?
hmm... sometimes nt v gd...
10) List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
cheerful, nice, busy =D
11) What makes you happy?
when im doing sth for darling =D
12) What type of person you hate the most?
idk e feeling of hate ><
13) Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
by den i will 29yrs, most probably taking care of moi bro... wif a job...
14) If you have a superpower, what will it be?
make everything as perfect as possible... which is quite impossible =p
15) What do you think is the most important in your life?
time... every sec every min worth...
16) If it's the end of the world, what will be your last wish?
may god bless every1 i loved... muackz* i love all...
17) If you have a chance to choose, will you want to go back in time? When will it be?
pri sch... though im always kana bullied @_@ bt alot of wonderful frenz...
18) Are you happy with your life now?
hmm... quite... as long as i haf moi darling n family n frenz wif mi ^^
19) Are you courageous enough to tell the person that you like him/her?
i did once, haha... i find it nt bad le, cuz i v shy de =p
20) Are you facing any problem right now?
to nt haf any prbx...
Instruction: Remove 1 question from above, and add in your own personal question, make it a total of 20 question, then tag 8 people in your list. List them out and end this post. Notify them in their chatter box that he/she was tagged to do this quiz.
A) people who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
B) tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. these people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. continue this game by sending it to other people. Tagged from Niece

#1 if your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
u owe mi an xplaination... if i cant believe ur reason, dat's it...
#2 if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
wad i always wish would happen to mi n darling... *happiness*
#3 what will your dream wedding be like?
nature... wif light blue gown possible wif a flower on it...
#4 are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
yea, quite...
#5 what's your ideal lover like?
been loved n protected wif all his might...
#6 which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
been loved by some1
#7 How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
i will w8 for him for all i can... bcuz i love him...
#8 if the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
wish dem happy tgt... muz last always...
#9 is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
hmm... yea, mayb ytd bahx...
#10 what do you want most in life?
#11 is being tagged fun?
haha, ehz... dunno =p
#12 how do you see yourself in ten years time?
isn't dis ans-ed??
#13 If you have a superpower, what will it be?
isn't dis ans-ed??
#14 what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
isn't dis ans-ed??
#15 would you rather be single & rich or married but poor?
if im single, i wish im rich... if im married, i onliz wan happiness...
#16 what's the first thing you do every morning?
c moi hp e mmt im awake...
#17 would you give all in a relationship?
i dunno whether i gave all in... bt i juz wanna do sth for him...
#18 if you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
nt possible bahx...
#19 what type of friends do you like?
i like ar... understanding, loyal, honest...
#20 do you have anyone in mind now?
moi darling, of cuz ^^
1. What is the connection between you & the last person that called you?
ohh... dat was nite time... moi darling...
2.Did you ever turn off your cell phone?
yep... [emo][no batt]
3.What are you doing at 10.00am today?
doing sth on e drawing book ^^
4.When did you last cry?
during e nite call...
5.What is your favourite thing to eat with peanut butter?
peanut butter?? waffle, bread...
6.What do you want in your life right now?
wad can i haf...
7.Do you carry an umbrella out when it rains,or just put on your hood?
if i haf an umbrella, i will most probably use it... if nt jiu get wet xD
8.What's your favourite thing to put on your bed?
moi bear bear, CJ7, pooh pooh, hp...
9.What bottoms are you wearing now?
10.What is the nicest text in your inbox says?
wad moi baby sent...
11.Do you tend to make relationships complicated?
i try nt to...
12.Are you wearing something that you borrowed from someone?
haha, nopex...
13.What was the last movie you last caught?
dat was quite long alr... wif darling...
14.What are you proud of?
seriously i gt nth to proud of... other den wad i haf nw...
15.What does the oldest text message in your inbox says?
its a msg frm papa...
16.What is the last song you sang out loud?
er zuo ju zhi wen - say dat u love mi
17.Do you have any nice names?
wad nice names?? ppl name mi?? alot bahx, haha...
18.What was the last receive text message?
darling asked mi to pei him...
19.What time did you go to bed last night?
3+ am, rite aft e sms...
20.Are you currently happy?
im happy onliz when i noe moi loved 1 r happy...
21.Who gives you the best advice?
obviously family encouragements... though nt always...
22.Do you like to eat chocolate?
yep, eva since i promote chocolate thingy few mths bak...
23.Who did you talk on phone last night?
moi baby boi ^^
24.Is anything bugging you right now?
yep, quite...
25.What's bugging you right now?
is darling doing well in sch?? dun fall asleep k, muackz*
26.Do you wear toe socks?
once onliz... sec sch de shi hou =p
27.Who was the last person you last had a missed call from?
was aso frm darling =p
28.Have you ever had your heartbroken?
who dun...
29.What annoys you most in a person?
when u're alr nt in gd mood, e person still go poke u...
30.Do you have a crush on anyone?
dat was last time... nt nw, i haf moi baby boi...
31.what are some of the things that you cannot give up now?
our r/s... studies... family...
32.What is the colour of your room?
light purple =p
33.Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollar?
haha, siao... im nt dat kind will does dat...
34.Do you believe in the saying "tough time don't last, tough man do"?
35.Who was the last person who lay in your bed?
haha, myself...
36.Who was the last person who hugged you?
dat was quite long frm darling... i miss his huggie ><
37.Did anyone see the last person you kissed?
u mean e last person saw us kissed or...
38.Do you have a life?
yea, life...
39.Have you ever think someone died,when they really didn't?
wishes bt nvr?? idk
40.What is the reason behind your profile song?
i juz love dat song... v smooth n swt...
41.Who was the last person you saw in your dreams?
cant rmbx le =p
42.Last time I really smiled?
juz nw when im doing sth for moi sweetest baby ^^
43.Have you ever change this year?
i did change...
44.What are you listening to right now?
songs frm ppl blog...
45.Are you talking to someone doing this?
no1... waiting n missing darling nw...
46.Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
of cuz open lah, or else hw to walk...
47.Is there any quote you live by?
quite a few meaningful quotes...
48.Do you want someone you can't have?
i alr haf some1 i wish i had...
49.Have you ever played an instrument?
isn't dis ans-ed??
50.What is the worst idea you have this week?
worst idea?? im sick dis wk ><
51.What are you doing last night 11.00p.m?
prepare for bed =p
52. Are you happy with your love life?
hmm... i wish it will get betta when time goes...
53.What song do your describe your love life?
暖 - fand da tong khalil
54.What do you think of the person closest to you?
parents?? abit naggy =p
55.Who always make you laugh?
56.Do you speak other language other than English?
chinese... cantonese... jap...
57.Are you blond?
58.What's your full name?
Woo Shu Ting
59.What are you doing tomorrow?
go sch for cds - jap... summit MC... gng out wif moi 'gf' at evening...
60.What do you think you are like?
wad i like??
61.Who do you chose to die with?
i onliz wanna go off myself n nt dragging ppl wif mi...
62.Where have you been today?
will b at hm all day...
63.What do you play often?
comp lor... info tech ppl is lidat de...
64.Who are you missing right now?
moi sweetest wonderful baby... muackz muackz* ilu
65.If you've choosen between LOVE & FRIENDSHIP,who will you choose?
can i choose both??
66.What are you doing right now?
doing dis long long long ques lor... damn alot sia...
67.Which primary school are you from?
GuangYang Pri Sch [gyps] - bishan
68.Name 3 colours you like.
BLUE, black, white...
69.What emotion you like to show?
for dis 'survey'?? '-.-'
70.What is life to you?
71.If you have something troubling you,what will you do?
r/s prbx bahx... studies aso...
72.Who did you last chat in msn?
moi mei - von von =p
93.Are you a girl or a guy?
gurl ^.^ V
94.Who cares for you most?
blood-connected parents...
95.What do you think is the most important things in your life?
things ar... love
96.What will you bring when you fight?
if can bring, i shall bring pole, stick, umbrella... those long long de...
97.What have you regretted doing in your whole life?
regretted ar... y m i born, i still dun unds eva since young till nw...
98.Who is the person who sent you the most messages in your inbox?
99.What if your stead two-timed you?
u wan mi or her... if he chose her, den hope u last dat r/s bahx... bt i trust moi baby
100.How you find all this question?
too many le lah... ki siao de...
Instructions : Remove one question from the above and replace with a personal question of yours. Then,bold it . Next, list 10 person whom you want them to do this at the end of the post . Notify them in their tagboard or tell them at msn so that he/she knows.

let's nt say sabo, its ques to let ppl unds u =p
- [mei] vonvon
- [laopo] yanyan
- [xiaoma] brina
- [gf] zoey
- [mahmah] mahmah
- [mei] anita
- [mommy] meli
- [junior] huimin

8 gurlz =p

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2nd day of MC

woke up 10mins b4 e alarm rang...
get prepared gng sch for presenting...
tied n spray hair... ankle stocking wif heels =p
go out ppl like look look, abit awkward...
nervous + scare along e way even aft presentation...
i find myself more cham den dat time de practice lor...
mind was blank, like dunno wad i toking lidat...
somemore like nvr elaborate e points...
cui lah... den dat idiot freak asked e main focus of ques...
i was pointing middle finger behind moi bak lor...
knn, so many ques, y ask dat 1... arghh...
bt nvm, anw wasn't ans too badly i think =D

haiishx... somemore darling nvr reply...
eva since last nite aft fone call, 10.45pm...
till evening 5.47pm den receive his sms...
cuz i've been in moi rm 3hrs doing e 'sewing'...
so i replied an hr ltr =p
almost completing e 3rd alphabet...
by rite is 3 alphabets + design = given...
bt i change it to 5 smaller alphabets + a shape...
hmm... i think muz complete le den will noe, haha...
or mayb when i pass it to darling den can reveal =p

von gt a meaningful n nice blog post today =p
kindda like it =p
[gurls would like her bf to do~]

post some i took today aft i reached hm...
v formal wearing -->>

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1st day of MC

proud to announce dat im on MC for 4days =D
went to c doctor dis morning, finally...
doctor gave mi 4days MC, 29july - 1aug...
i told her i gt presentation tml, she tell mi dun go -.-
i gt training tml aso, bt aso cant go -.-
doctor say cannot go out, cannot kana sunlight...
means haf to stuck at hm for 4days, haiishx......
anw during e waiting juz nw, damn pissed abit...
moi mommy lor, alamak!!
somemore 2-3 ppl onliz nid w8 1hr, lols...

dis 4days r realli a resting time for mi...
can do wad i nidda do dis time...
try to complete e 'sewing' fast...
cuz i changed e words, so yep...
somemore dis is moi 1st temp, consider ok le bahx...
darling will b moi 1st temp, wakaka...

Monday, July 28, 2008

sat went to district meeting though wasn't feeling well...
dunno y i gt e determination of gng...

ytd went went to c chinese sensei...
lips infection;flu;sorethroat...
due to some food, it becomes worsen few days ago...
by rite gng to darling's house, bt ended up he came instead...
most likely wun b meeting unless frenzhip day training...
which is some hw once a wk...
really happy n glad dat he's here when i nid him...
though moi attitude towards him at e beginning was realli bad...
bt darling din grumble abit in of mi...
darling uses his way to make mi feel ease...
n dat's y i love him so...
im like small kid, which nid C & C all e time...
cuz ytd he said "im like looking aft u though im younger den u"
i realli hopes i wun affect his studies...
which i noe he wun affect his studies bcuz of mi...

BB-bb wo ai ni!! -muackz-

ps :

1pm at tamp...
as far as i noe dere will b singing, dancing performances up...
im aso performing, mayb u can try to come dwn support =p
every1 invited, though tix needed... i can get for u all, so np...
u juz haf to tell mi b4 aug 27 will do...

upcoming im aso gng dwn to support other zone frenzhip day...
plz let mi noe date;time;venue of ur meeting...
currently 7sept,13sept,14sept,21sept nt available...
other dates still can make it, so let mi noe if u wan mi to support...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

c darling working, makes mi feel like gng to work too =p
bt c him work till so xin ku, i aso xin tong...
was on fone wif darling till like 4+
somehw when we always tok abt hw we met...
hw we gt tgt... when it starts, blah blah blah...
makes mi automatically smile...
our presence r like somehw linked even b4 we met...
or somehe b4 we gt tgt...
even until nw...

n to finalist, i onliz slept 2hrs ><

i wrote dis when mi n baby was 5th mth...
so decided to share wif viewers...

Moi Mr.Nobody
I had NOBODY to love me
NOBODY who cared
when i cried
NOBODY was there
there was NOBODY to trust
there was NOBODY to keep me warm
to protect me from the cold.
I had NOBODY to love my strengths
but also except my flaws
I had NOBODY to lean on
who was there to break my falls
Im so happy
Im so lucky
this is because...I found my NOBODY

You Would Pick Your Boyfriend Again!

While the initial new couple spark has faded for you two,

You've built upon your attraction - and formed a deep love.

And although things are never perfect, they're usually pretty great.

So don't let your eye wander. You've got the best catch for you, at home.

You Are 56% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.

Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.

But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.

You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

Friday, July 25, 2008

announced ::: DBSY assign gave up!! =p
spent almost 3hrs doing e same old thing, no improvement...
so gif up lor... von n mahmah aso...

nw adays dunno y ppl board bus wanna push...
alight aso wanna push...
even on e bus aso wan push...

-some definitionss-
School : a place where Papa pays n Son plays.

Life Insurance : a contract dat kips u Poor all ur life so dat u can die Rich.

Nurse : a person who wakes u up to gif u slping pills.

Marriage : it's an agreeement in which a Man loses his bachelor degree n a Woman gains her masters.

Divorce : future tense of Marriage.

Lecture : an art of transferring info frm e notes of e Lecturer to e Students w/o passing thru 'e minds of either'

Compromise : e art of dividing a cake in such way dat Everybody believes he gt e biggest piece.

Dictionary : a place where Success comes b4 Work.

Conference Room : a place where Everybody toks, Nobody listens n Everybody disagrees ltr on.

Criminal : a Guy no diff frm e Rest... xcept dat he gt Caught.

Boss : Some1 who is Early when u r Late n Late when u r Early.

Doctor : a person who Killis ur ills by Pills, n Kills u by Bills.

Smile : a Curve dat can set a lot of things str8.

Office : a place where u can relax aft ur Strenuous hm life.

Yawn : e onliz time some Married men eva get to open their mouth.

Etc. : a sign to make others believe dat u noe more den u actually do.

Experience : e Name men gif to their mistakes.

Atom Bomb : an invention to end all inventions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

schedule was abit too tight dis term...
let's c frm dis wk to end of sch term...
let's c --->>

[] mon(14) - OOAD assign phase 2 summition + lab-test
[] tues(14) - DSAG lab-test
[] wed(16) - CMSK presentation preparation
[] thurs(15) - CSAD prbx package
[] fri(16) - JAP role play
[] *********************************************************
[] weekdays
[] - frenzhip day performance trainings
[] - NDP trainings
[] weekends
[] - NDP [preview + actual]

Data Structures and Algorithms
25 Aug 08 (Mon)
Sports Hall

Database Systems
26 Aug 08 (Tue)
Sports Hall

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
27 Aug 08 (Wed)

Client-Server Application Development
28 Aug 08 (Thu)

2wks exam period, finishes in 1st wk... song bo!!
somemore is mon-thurs... all e way, woot~
den fri no more liao... lalala~

Sunday, July 20, 2008

19 july 08 - N.E 3[memorable day]

reached dere ard 5+ =p
our gathering place is pan pacific hotel ballroom lvl 1...
1st time!! woot~
gt moi "boots", cut of e top n ugly head gear...
nw everything looks more betta ^^
e steps ain't too much changes...

time seems to pass fast, we set off ard 6.45pm...
we waited at G6 quite long, as usual...
saw almost all like perspiring le, i feel so windy =p
2-3grps b4 us, it started raining le...
bt we still haf to cont...
we chanted in our heart...

finally, we're up!!
its raining quite heavy, i find...
audiences r still watching, wif their rain-coat.umbrella.cap.
wadeva dey haf ard dem...
our flags r all wet, we r wet too...
bt im so touched... e spirit...
e last formation;final... i cried...
happiness.touched by every1.
nxt.finale... im still crying... secretly
nobody noes... for quite some time...
feel so worth it... we did it!!

its every1, we did it!! seriously...
i dunno hw to xpress dat feeling...
though i gt some mistakes, wOopx......
even e mediacrop actors n actresses too, singers...
every1, zOmg!! i dunno hw to say...
its a memorable day...

watching at e video while waiting for e pri students to clear...
1 of e performer slip n fall due to e wet floor...
cuz her dance step abit diff frm others... [main]
looking at our performance, i cried again...
once again...
everybody cheering for each other...
cheering for own performance shown...
zOmg!! i juz cant xpress dat feeling...
im so so touched.happy.
though we're all wet, top to bottom...
all props all wet too... bt dat spirit...
cant juz xpress it out...

ps: n i miss moi darling loads... get to c him ltr aft 7days nt c-ing him ^^
ymd formation de concert 4pm n 7.30pm...
we're gng for e 7.30pm show...
da jia jyjy!!
cya all dere, moi frenz ^^

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

** u r everything to somebody
** rite nw at dis v min------
Someone is v proud of u
** Someone is thinking of u
** Someone cares abt u
** Someone misses u
** Someone wans to tok to u
** Someone wans to b wif u
** Someone hopes u aren't in trouble
** Someone is thankful for e support u haf provided
** Someone wans to hold ur hand
** Someone hopes everything turns out alrite
** Someone wans u to b happy
** Someone wans u to find dem
** Someone is celebrating ur successes
** Someone wans to gif u a gift
** Someone thinks u R a gift
** Someone hopes u r nt too cold, or too hot
** Someone wans to hug u
** Someone loves u
** Someone wans to lavish u wif small gifts
** Someone admires ur strength
** Someone is thinking of u n smiling
** Someone wans to b ur shoulder to cry on
** Someone wans to go out wif u n haf a lot of fun
** Someone thinks e world of u
** Someone wans to protect u
** Someone would do anything for u
** Someone wans to b forgiven
** Someone is grateful for ur forgiveness
** Someone wans to laugh wif u abt old times
** Someone rmbx u n wishes u were dere
** Someone nids to noe dat ur love is unconditional
** Someone calues ur advice
** Someone wans to tell u hw much dey care
** Someone wans to stay up watching old movies wif u
** Someone wans to share their dreams wif u
** Someone wans to hold u in their arms
** Someone wans U to hold dem in ur arms
** Someone treasures ur spirit
** Someone wishes dey could STOP time bcuz of u
** Someone cant w8 to c u
** Someone wishes dat things din haf to change
** Someone loves u for who u r
** Someone loves e way u make dem feel
** Someone wans to b wif u
** Someone hears a song dat reminds dem of u
** Someone wans u to noe dey r dere for u
** Someone is glad dat u're their fren
** Someone wans to b ur fren
** Someone stayed up all nite thinking abt u
** Someone is alive bcuz of u
** Someone is wishing dat u would notice dem
** Someone wans to get to noe u betta
** Someone believes dat u r their soul mate
** Someone wans to b near u
** Someone misses ur guidance n advice
** Someone values ur guidance n advice
** Someone has faith in u
** Someone trusts u
** Someone nids u to tell dem all dis
** Someone nids ur support
** Someone nids u to haf faith in dem
** Someone nids u to let dem b ur fren
** Someone will cry when dey read dis

trying to learn a thing i nvr do b4...
reveal in SEPTEMBER, approx. of 7wks ltr =p

ps : 14sept'08 will haf performances presented by [S]ingapore [S]oka [A]ssociation, whampoa zone, frenzhip meeting... any1/every1 r invited... interested plz let mi noe... free sitting;no nid tix...
- PD[pri divion] dance
- youth comtempt a.k.a hip hop
- adults hip hop
- adults choir

currently, i onliz noe dis few... so any1 interested watching or *support*, plz let mi noe earlier, thanks... further notice will b updated as soon as i gt e details...

Monday, July 14, 2008

昨 天 是 我 最 开 心, 最 温 心, 也 蛮 预 料 的 一 天.
昨 天 下 午, 去 了 tamp ikea, 差 不 多 两 个 钟 吧!
和 妈 妈 一 同 塔 车, 路 途 上 我 午 睡 了.
好 久 没 有 靠 在 妈 妈 的 肩 膀 上 睡 了.
那 种 感 觉 很 温 心, 很 舒 服. 有 一 靠 的 感 觉. 好 好 哦~
婉 着 妈 妈 的 手, 感 觉 好 有 安 全 哦~
最 后 一 次 这 样 辛 福 的 感 觉 好 象 是 3-4 年 前 的 时 后 吧!
那 时 还 没 上 理 工, 有 时 间 都 会 陪 她.
哪 怕 是 我 不 象 出 门, 也 会 陪.
这 种 机 会 不 常 有, 由 其 是 现 在.
上 课 到 满 迟, assign 和 proj 要 到 时 更 忙.
再 加 上 已 有 男 友, 陪 妈 妈 的 时 间 都 少 了.
所 以, 一 有 时 间 就 会 陪 陪 她.
不 然 上 班 就 更 没 时 间 了.
妈 妈, 我 不 呈 告 诉 你 我 多 在 乎 你, 多 爱 你.
可 在 我 心 里, 妈 妈 永 远 不 能 被 取 代.
最 终, 妈 妈 我 真 的 好 爱 你!
无 论 平 时 的 小 小 斗 嘴, 还 是 偶 而 的 不 逾 快.
你 实 终 是 我 最 为 大 的 妈 妈!
这 个 家, 有 你 才 有 现 在 的 我 们.
家 的 感 觉!! 这 就 是 了.

The Legend Of Doraemon =p

→The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.←

Friday, July 11, 2008

9-10 july 08 - CSAD ASSIGNMENT chionging period

i will list moi record dat i juz broke during dis period ^^
- morning 9am eat, nxt meal nite 9.15pm...
- depress to e max i've been in public...
- e last time was doing java, went hm at 7.30pm;dis time rnd is C#, went hm at 8pm ^.^ V [both aso coding -.-]

finally unds e coding thingy... 1st time complete it till so satisfied...
during e period of depression[abt 2hrs], e below pic is wad i wrote during e 1st hr of depress :::

though nt v clear, i think u all shd b able to unds...
when ppl emo or depress sure gt weird reaction...
i admit moi ctrl of emotional realli nt dat well...

shall nt elaborate abt it...

we changed some font v last min, like wed 4+pm lidat...
so edit edit, chiong chiong...
whole clz somehw like 'book' e whole lab =p
thurs last chiong aso =D
though is a grp assignment, our clz r always so united...
especially when it come to this kind xD
thinking bak, during e 1st yr... we like so nt united...
e onliz thing we united in is all pon dis, pon dat =p
we might c like we nt v close, bt when critical period we will still help each other...
realli happy, love C-one-six-one[C161] muackz muackz, hehex...

too many to type, dis assignment changes alot of us...
aso let us c each other well/bad...
i find dis gd instead bad...
dis clz r realli awesome, dis 3yrs realli v short de... muz treasure each other...
nxt time when we graduate, might nt b tgt anymore[most/some of us]
pri sch - 6yrs
sec sch - 5yrs
poly - 3yrs

though is e shortest, 3yrs onliz...
poly life realli diff frm pri n sec sch life...
we realli haf to help each other, alot of challenges...
poly;assign/proj bring us more closer, get tgt...
i dunno wad to say, bt realli our clz rawkx!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

04 july 08 - our 8th mth

LOVE is :::

... being wif some1 u can truely believe in.
... being wif some1 u can believe in e truth in.
... being wif some1 u can trust.
... being wif some1 who u muz.
... standing by dem thru e dark n e light.
... believing in dem, as dey fite dere light nite.
... some1 u can take into ur heart.
... some1 who will b dere aft e dark.
... some1 who u can count on all ur might.
... some1 u take into ur v soul.
... some1 who u can might v noe.
... some1 u can connect wif in more den life.
... some1 u can turn to, when everything has turned to darkest nite.
... dat moi heart holds u so dearly.
... moi heart held up high, bleeding in front of u.
... dat someday i will owe moi heart to u.
... everything!!
... no reason.

I love u so deeply,
I love u so much,
I love e sound of ur voice
N e way dat we touch.
I love ur warm smile
N ur kind, thoughtful way,
E joy dat u bring
To moi life everyday.
I love u today
As i haf frm e start,
N i'll love u eternity
Wif all of moi heart.


05 july 08
NDP N.E 1, finally e day of audiences watching us performing ^^
today N.E 1 include our family tix, pri 5, vip...
mid darling wif his sis on e bus ^^
went arcade while waiting for [j]ian[z]hong...
den he say mid at city hall =p
darling's sis insist for fastfood, which i wanna eat full full de...
so both of dem went to 'da bao' at kfc...
n we head to e food court at [m]arina[s]quare...

hurry went to convention mid e rest of e ssa...
e custome nt bad sia, bt still abit warm...
head gear aso abit

thanks darling n his sis waited for mi aft e show ^^
somehw waited for like an hr, so ps =p
hvn realli dismiss mi n shermine jiu 'zao' liao...
dun wan let dem w8 so long...
somemore nt darling onliz, his sis aso...
both of dem had a tired day, n dey say ssa performance rawkx...

ps ::: BB-bb, ilu n always will...
xiexieni always dere for mi when i nid u.
xiexieni help mi to take moi bag today while i having ndp.
xiexieni waited for mi an hr w/o complaining it took so long.
xiexieni always C & C abt mi, n i noe u always will.
xiexieni always think in moi shoe.
xiexieni always so undstanding.
xiexieni always cheer mi up when im nt in e mood.
xiexieni xiexieni xiexieni r nt enuff.
u're a treasure to mi. u r a gift to mi.
even though u might b nth to any1, bt u r juz everything to mi.
i cant tell u hw much i love u, bt i definitely haf to say...
I LOVE MOI BB-bb to e core.
-muackz- xiexieni BB-bb[slp tight as i noe u're slping at dis time alr]

Thursday, July 03, 2008

02 july 08 - Naked i

** ((-- wad wo(men) wan... --))
** - he isn't as strong as he seems
** - hw u look matters to him
** - he loves u
** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------**
** - she cant shut out her emotions
** - she wans ur empathy
** - she nids to feel loved

*no 2 ppl r xactly alike. dat's y all r/s r realli an opportunity for u to discover hw unique each person is, n to c hw those differences complement each other. if we were all cut frm e same mold, wouldn't life b rather boring?*

$$ ((-- singlehood --))
$$ - for some ppl, it's a walk in e park. dey relish e freedom of nt being $$ tied dwn by another person, n having e time n space to persue
$$ personal passions.
$$ - on e flip side of e coin, some singles feel like dey gt e short end of e $$ stick.

*all of us r designed for r/s wif each others;we nid to gif n receive affection, n to connect wif ppl. dat's y being single can sometimes feel like we're missing out on sth dat e rest of e world is enjoying.*

nxt ::: -SEX-

some ppl thinks abt sex ---

eg. of 3 frenz toking abt their sexually satisfied ---

((-- engaging in sex --))
it allows a couple to xperience great physical intimacy in a v short time. bt aft e thrill wears out, dey may find dem-selves stuck in a rut of feeling v close physically, bt nt much else. while sex may b v pleasurable for a couple, its suggested waiting aft marriage to xperience sex.

god didn't design sex simply to gif us orgasms, he designed sex as an xpression of love n physical intimacy.

sex is nt juz a means to pregnancy, bt is meant to b an intense, joyful, passionate xpression of love. to haf sex wif some1 is a profoundly meaningful thing n if misused e effects can b devasting.

^^ reasons for waiting :::
^^ - premarital sex can detract ur frm xperiencing a fulfilling love life.
^^ ` dere r more things u can do, like wad other couples did. unds each ^^ other, communication rather den juz having e time for sex. `
^^ - premarital sex often lacks total, permanent commitment. dis can ^^ cre8 insecurity.
^^ ` some may think, 'if she/he's slept wif mi, who else haf dey slept
^^ wif?' n if dey do marry, one may think, 'if he willing to bre8 a
^^ standard wif mi b4 we married, will he bre8 his commitment wif
^^ another person aft we're married?' `
^^ - premarital sex can inhibit communication.
^^` each might wonder, 'hw do i compare wif moi lover's other
^^ partners? does she/he tell dem hw i perform in bed?' each may
^^ become less open;communication can ^^ deteriorate n so can e r/s.'
^^ `
^^ - premarital sex can lessen ppl's chances to xperience max oneness ^^ n pleasure.
^^ ` waiting for marriage b4 having sex may b 1 of e best decisions u ^^ will eva make. bcuz, when 2 ppl haf sealed their commitment to each ^^ other, when their love doesn't depend on hw amazing dey look or hw ^^ great dey r in bed, den sex isn't juz 'sex' anymore - its making love. ^^ `

10 dating advices :::

marriage is a profound mystery, e joining of 2 ppl to become 1. it doesn't gurantee or enforce love, bt if taken seriously as an unconditional lifelong commitment of faithfulness n fidelity, it certainly helps to distinguish between love n lust.

no. of marriages in 2006 = 23 706
no. of divorces n annulments in 2006 = 7 061
avg length of marriages dat ended in divorce = 7.8yrs

*falling in love is relatively easy, bt staying in love isn't. sometimes we think dat e 'happily eva aft' feeling marks e end of our journey. bt K Knight quoted, 'true love nvr lives happily eva aft - true love has no ending.'*
*Jason Jordan quoted, 'true love does nt come by finding e perfect person, bt by learning to c an imperfect person perfectly.'*

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

30 june 08 - MONDAY'S BLUE

()() [[ start Morrie's quote ]]
()() -- "when you learn how to die, you learn how to live"
()() ________ Morrie ________ what does this sentence mean to ()() you??
()() -- "death ends a life, not to a relationship"
()() _____ Morrie _____ what can i do to ensure the relationship ()() remains alive??
()() [[ end of Morrie's quote ]] *i onliz pick 2 out of e rest*

~~ -- always put urself in other people shoe...
~~ -- we need people to survive...
~~ -- we live in a world of LOVE...
~~ ways to show love & concern using non-vebal :::
~~ --> touch
~~ --> sit wif dem
~~ --> spend time;have a meal
~~ __ *dere r many ways u can show love & concern to people* __
~~ _______________ *vebally ^^ non-vebally* _______________

((-- mathematical of life --))
EQUALS '1'2'3'4'5'6'7'8'9'10'11'12'13'14'15'16'17'18'19'20'21'22'23'24'25'26'

LOVE = 54%
LUCK = 47%
MONEY = 72%

**it is OUR ATTITUDE towards life and work dat makes our life 100%**

→You must be a good runner because you are always running in my mind, you must be a good thief because you have stolen my heart, and i am always a bad shooter because I Miss You Always...←