Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Haven’t been updating blog for quite some time due to those blocking of web pages.

Damn !! And they are blocking more and more of it.
Used to facebook and twitter, but blocked after using for like 7months =X
Then after moving to new environment, more worst. They block even more.
From LTA distance fare calculator/blog/job serach/certain forum/Singapore Seen to now, even deals =.=
Basically, I can only read news =.=
And I still have another month to go, because extended for 2weeks.
To help, as well as pay usually at month end =D
Really need to work my brain a little more, it’s getting more and more rusty if I’m going to stay here.

Haha, enough said.

Today is Wednesday again, and seriously we don’t like this day because of the lesson. LOLs
Every Wednesday we are having brain damage, LOLs !!
1week, 3days lesson and 1day study.
I get to see my study group mates 4times a week, LOLs.
Since we are all staying quite near (10~20mins travel distance) only. Meeting up to study isn’t a very big problem.
But if we’re to meet up during weekdays, then it will be a problem. Because too late for me.

Bf went NS for 3rd week already.
So far everything seems pretty ok, and normal.
And he is getting used to it, so do I. Since our meet up are always weekends, nothing much changed except 1 of the weekend I am meeting the rest to study :)
But both of us are understanding enough, so happy with it :)

Agreeing with most girls use short terms to express - XOXO

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Have been so busy with the shifting and moving of office, since I am the main coordinator.
With the help of my boss and another senior co-lick :)
Aside from moving to new office, I was also preparing my mid-semester test for last Saturday and Yesterday.
So far so good, hope can get a credit (60s~)
Sounds like my last week was really busy, hell yes !!!
Bf enlisted last week, into SCDF. Took off day to send him, together with his mum and sister.
Last week was a short week, also a busy week for me.
I had 2 hardcore studying days. Friday & Sunday, and I can really confirm it were hell tiring that 2days.

Thanks gohonzon, 2 mid-semester tests module over.
But another hell next month.
Another mid-semester test module and individual assignment due.

Suddenly feel so coincident and nice, alright, got to remind myself to write letter after this xD
And to conclude my busy week, I tender on the first day at new office with effective date yesterday.
And new office blocked a lot of websites, including my blogger. Sad =C

Friday, August 03, 2012

Timetable for our Mid-Semester Test is out +.+
Yesterday had our "Mock Test", which doesn't considered in the grades.
I scored in entries but failed in theory, damn !!
Need to buck up on memorizing those theory already =X

11Aug - Intro. Acct.
14 Aug - Price & Market (MicroEcons)
8 Sept - Bus. Stats.

Going to start meeting course mates out to revise, starting from this Sunday :)
And we intend to meet up in the morning.
Which mean I will have to sleep early every single night, including weekends =C
Need to get more rest in between for weekends, whenever possible (I really hope so)