Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been busying, that's why no update here. Sorry to my readers. X_X

I managed to survive 6days =D
After that busy 6days, I was preparing my Macau/Zhuhai trip which was last wed-sun.
We took Tiger Airline (2way) because that was the only airline and schedule (1 SLOT ONLY)
Came back was an hour delayed because of the weather.
Caused the flight from SIN-MACAU delay, thus our MACAU-SIN also delay.
But is ok, we managed to had our meal and rest awhile at the airport.
Very fruitful, enjoying and tiring trip.
Everyday walking and taking photos (On Facebook) =p
Bought quite a few stuff, very heavy =X
Bought T-shirt, Under-garment, Souvenirs, Local Snacks (Famous), Tea Leaves - Can't think of anymore =p
As usual, duty free bought alcohol.
Add on super more weight, haha.

This year is a year for 'Snake' to travel ~
Jan went Penang with mom and her colleagues (3D2N)
Mar went Macau & Zhuhai with bf (5D4N)
Apr going Malaysia with bf for shopping (1D)
Jun going HongKong with ah Von & Brina (Tentatively 4D3N)

Not sure still got oversea planning for this year anot. (I hope not, need to save money =X)
Anyway, I have to keep saving money for those trips. ADD OIL ! ADD OIL !!

Friday, March 02, 2012

这么多天都熬过了,这么几天一定也没问题 !!

Last year my colleague went on holiday for like 2+ weeks, and I was told to back her up.
This time round only 1 week, sure no problem.
Since I've been helping out the daily operation for almost a year already.
Hmm. But in between got many changes and problems, so current status abit complicated.
I got to make sure I won't have mistake.
1/2 day passing, and today is friday ~~ (more relax comparing to Mon-Wed)
So I consider myself left with another 4days and she will be back again =D
This 2years (I rounded up), my job scope changes quite a little.
- I changed my job scope completely after my 1st year in the company.
- This 2nd year, my job scope is quite constant and stable already. Though there is always minor job adding.

Im quite looking forward to this weekend, because Im going career fair with BF on sunday =D
This year will be a huge change of life for us.
I hope everything goes smoothly for both of us.