Friday, September 28, 2012

Last day at work, in this company;with these colleague

Leaving without a job, YES, jobless =X
Though I'm only studying Part Time.
Looking for a job related to what I'm going to work as after graduating.
So now need some experience.
Even though I may sound like is ok, take my time.
But I really hope I can quickly get a job, no matter the pay.
Since what I need now is experience.
And it is a switch of career path, a change in the field I'm working as now.
I hope I can accompanish as planned. I'm praying and chanting in my heart.
I must succeed !! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Had my first test on 11th Aug, result still yet to reveal.

Had my second test on 14th Aug, result was out like… yesterday. LOLs.
Had my third test on 8th Sept, obviously won’t be out so soon.
The objective of listing them out is to show how slow and inefficient it is.
Was told 2~3weeks, but it took like 1month =.=
And second test result reveal before first test result, LOLs.

Counting down to my birthday, counting down to my last day, counting down to the month I love =X
Be it good or bad, I have to quickly get a job to sustain my expenses and commitments =X
BF has done his POP. Everything goes so smoothly and he got into what really suit him.
I am so happy for him :)

Watched ‘Step Up Revolution’ last Saturday after my test.
And I have to say, the movie is really great. I love it !
‘Step Up’ never fails to disappoint me in every season, and I watched all the season. Yea ~
This season theme – The Mob is fabulous and touching.
I seriously don’t mind watching it the second time. I just simply love it ! :)