Monday, July 31, 2017

Mood: Neutral

Yes, I am super happy and still excited about my Taichung pre-wedding photoshoot. Really amazing, after more than a year and I still find those photos beautifully done. Many feedback on the photoshoot too, saying the photos are so beautiful and nice. Of course, the credits have to go to -> [帝芬妮精品婚紗 aka Tiffany Diamond Wedding]

They really did a beautiful job on the photos, I am loving'it !

But of course, AD photos are nice too. Despite the 900 over photos which only barely 300 over photos pass our eyes. LOLs. Actually that is also a lot of photos, haha. Most of them are nicely capture although I looking fat. Cannot blame as I did not went on diet or something, I just carry on my usual routine because I feel that I should not just look good for that moment, it should be all the way. LOLs.

Quite lazy to upload photos, but still have to faster upload those 300 over photos as family dinner with relative is coming soon. They will soon pester for photos, so I have to be fast and upload before this Friday. =X

I really got to say that my MUA is good, from Taiwan. Photographer from Malaysia, equally good despite many unglam photos (really super unglam).

In 2 days time, I will be married for 2 months. OMG !! I cannot believe I survived 2 months already, more to go ~ Ok, I sound like I am so disappointed or sad or even miserable about it. I just haven't fully adjust, I don't know how much time I need. I am neither sad nor fear, just the feeling is weird. I don't know how to describe or say it out.

Looking forward to year end oversea trips, Oct / Nov / Dec. Really is year end trip, continuous 3 days. Not because I am rich or what, just that I am clearing leave. I still have many more to clear ~ >.< But on another side, I am so broke because of the continuous trips.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mood: Relax

This week is my 3rd week staying with in-laws and hubby, still trying to get use. Still feeling slight uncomfortable and learning to adapt as soon as possible.

So far many random photos and video up on instagram and facebook. More will be up soon, within these few weeks :)

Started our relationship in mid 2013, tried applying for BTO and sale balance BTO but couldn't get it until 2016. Tried and donated so much to HDB throughout that 2 years and finally got our unit selection in 2016, after numerous tries in that 2 years. Marriage plan was already started since we started balloting for house, just months after being together. I would say everything seems to flow in accordingly and we so far won't feel that stress out because it's all spread out nicely. We initially wanted to settle down early if manage to get a unit, or latest 2016. But due to career, we pushed to 2017 and I am glad we did because things really flow in place 1 after another, so nicely.

Graduated in 2015, I moved up towards my goal step by step in place while the hubby graduated and did a career switch. That's when we thought the marriage plan need to postpone another year, and glad we did. On the same year, both jobless and while looking for a job, we signed our Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at one of the booth in Suntec City. The following year, we fly all the way there to take our photoshoot, almost right after the Chinese New Year. Braving through the cold weather like 9~11°C, at Taiwan, Taichung. I was spec-less for whole day, for the whole shooting. I was amaze the photos still look so nice and beautiful. Spent good 3 days at Taichung for the gown fitting, photoshoot and photo selection. We enjoyed our yearly Taiwan trip since 2015. Got our album and parcel within 3 months (they are really good and fast). We are super pleased with the final product and happy with the outcome. Especially for myself, once in awhile will look back at the photos and find it so beautifully done. It was really a memorable trip, I would say we really enjoyed ourselves, despite of the additional top up. Overall was great experience ! Definitely recommend overseas photoshoot, especially Taiwan, specifically our bridal shop. [帝芬妮精品婚紗 aka Tiffany Diamond Wedding]

(To be continued ...)

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Mood: Relax

Finally it's over !
These few months many things happened and all planning are officially completed :)

After a few reminders and pestering him on the proposal, it finally took place at his house, on his birthday. Hehex... After my regular salon appointment, near 3hrs hair treatments done, I rush straight to his house thinking he is still waiting for me for brunch and he must be super hungry. Partial sense that he might propose, and he did, in his room, kneeling half leg down on his injure knee. I receive my super huge bouquet of blue rose and diamond rings. *I just love it*even until now, I keep looking at my ring and smile*looking at the photo and smile*

Within the same weekend, quickly send out the e-invitations to all. Even until the week of wedding, still filling up holes due to a few last minute drop out. 3 weeks before wedding, sent out reminder. 2 weeks before wedding, sent out another reminder. 1 week before wedding, sent out important instruction (include informing of our hashtag: #brangelawedding2017)

All the photos already up on my facebook. So far still quite ok, just that sometimes still feeling abit uncomfortable and weird. Need to quickly adjust and adapt the change of environment and etc >.<

(To be continued ...)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mood: Irritated

Sometimes I wonder why some people just cannot mind their own business. It's like our family issues, why you all want to interfere our way of thinking and acting. I know it's good to follow, but we have our thinking and ways of doing. We try to accommodate but we cannot be doing everything you all want mahx. Sometimes money is the concern and sometimes happy or not is another thing also, many consideration not just blindly follow, you need to see whether it is necessary and also whether everything is within reach.

Some people just cannot keep their mouth shut. They may or may not know it hurts, but 'HELLO' who the hell are you to comment so many things when the family are ok with the arrangement. Seriously leh, damn hate it but cannot say it. Not because I am afraid of you but because I respect you all as an elderly to give comments. But please keep all comments to yourself because we are the one handling the issues, not you. And you just need to freaking keep you mouth shut on the issues. If needed help or what, we don't mind suggestions but not trying to insist and "scold" us continuously like water flow.

Sometimes I pity my parents because on and off they need to handle them. I try to be there to share the "scolding" so that I can feel them and understand my parents situation. Not point saying back because they will counter attack and say even louder until it's like your fault. When we keep insisting, they will be pissed and start being like a principal scolding student. Seriously like WTF !! I am always so pissed with them. I can understand why my brother trying to avoid seeing them, I feel him because I tolerate since young and I am like so immure to all scolding and etc. Reason because I know at times they are just unreasonable people, so no point arguing with them, it's pointless, waste energy only.

Just need to Suck Thumb and let it through, because arguing with unreasonable people are really pointless and waste of time. I got many other things to handle. They like to say then let them say, as long as we insist and continue what we think is right, just go ahead and do it. YOLO, why bother so much.

Feeling so much better throwing everything out. I am glad I still have this blog around :)
Although people might not be viewing anymore, but it's a platform to share my joy and anger and sadness. Making it a point to update as and when possible, but by looking at my previous posts like once a month. LOLs. Good enough =p

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mood: Looking Forward

Finally another part of the planning is down, hehex. (Once it's time to reveal, I will have a whole post it)

I am so happy and looking forward to it, although there might be changes.

After last month knowing that my supervisor is going to leave, she actually whatsapp me the very next day morning. I was shock to reach her whatsapp message because I was preparing to work and suddenly the message came in. In my heart was thinking don't what happen, until I open up the message and saw her saying that she is going to nominate me for promotion, for the January 2017 batch. I was super happy and glad that my supervisor acknowledge my effort at work although I really don't think I deserved it since I am like doing daily routine almost everyday. I think probably because of team work, where I always help the colleagues to get things done. I keep thanking her via whatsapp, even after the approval of the promotion nomination. But she keep saying that I deserve it, so I am really glad to have such appreciated boss. (Although now I am Executive, after promote also Executive, LOLs). At least since I started working here, my salary keep increasing (2 increment each year, since 2015). HAHA ~

Hope can faster increase higher. I am not fancy about the position title, I just want my salary to be higher and be able to cover my house when it's ready for key collection. Need more money for the housing loan. Seems weird that I am not that worry about having kids at the moment but housing, haha.

Exciting 2017 ahead ~

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mood: Hoping

Omg !! I actually failed my supplementary exam and now retaking the whole module all over again. But luckily is not the same lecturer, otherwise might fail again. LOLs.

Done with the 2 weekend classes and now preparing our assignment and also exam. I just did my part for the assignment and hoping to start my revision tonight as next Saturday will be the exam already. Need to think of how to start the revision because the lecturer didn't give much hint or focus point. But somehow this lecturer quite flexible, so I hope can pass because is my last chance. Paid so much and because of this module, my bond with the company cannot start. Abit sian though.

Talking about the training I mentioned in my previous post, which was turned to be a disappointment. What the trainer taught are basic and I have already knew it during my university as well as postgraduate life. I feel like a waste of my time, 1 day some more. Definitely not recommending it to people who are looking for more advance or latest information. In case you all are wondering what training I am talking about, it's about handling multi-generation. Talking about the pioneer, baby boomer, generation X and generation Y only. Why I felt disappointed ? Reason being because it indicate millennial, so I thought is the generation after generation Y, but it's NOT !! They actually replace the generation Y to millennial. During the training, the trainer was not consistent too. The terms are changed in different slides. Anyway just not for me. I believe the training academy is ok, is the course or trainer that is not recommended. Same for some other academy I know, some trainer not very good.

One month plus passed since I last blogged, and I am feeling more sian about the CNY because it's 2 month away. Although since start of November already very holiday mood, due to being away from work a few days, haha. Got some things to share, but now still not the time to share, although this is my personal blog. Things are accumulating, LOLs. I will share when it's time to disclose, hehe.

No matter what kind of life will be ahead of us, we still have to walk through it day after day. Keeping a positive mind and self motivating myself every single day.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mood: Hanging mid air

Now waiting for supplementary exam result, this week is the 3rd week already. Really hope can pass, otherwise need to retake the whole module next year.

I had a super hectic 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter this year, I am so happy it's over. 2 weddings and NDP all done. Once my postgraduate diploma officially ok, means my 2016 achieved a lot. Because juggling so many things at one go is really not easy. In order to be my friend's bridesmaid, I either skipped the whole day class or skipped half day class so that I can make myself available on weekend morning for the morning session of wedding. Since all my classes are weekend, that also means that if I skipped more than half or one lesson, I will not be able to sit for exam. I am glad the toughest period are over because I really struggled. My boyfriend really is my main strength, always there to give me all the support and holding me when I think I cannot make it >.<

Work have been so shitty, since the day my ex-colleague who were doing training left. Things changed, people here also. I would say it's good and bad. Good because she had a lot of experiences and can really guide us through in some points. Bad because she is too bossy and too much to handle, however my supervisor still like her. Probably because she got the experience and she knows what she wants and will get things done the way she wants. Many colleagues from other departments don't like her and I know she don't bother and don't care that since she don't PR around or joke around. I would say that she is a very serious person, maybe because she is too MNC/corporate person. Now the whole team all aunties, and I really not good in handling these group of people especially I got 2 extreme person here. Signed up for a training hoping that it can guide me or give me some lights on how to handle such people around me. Too much to say about work, really don't know how to put into words here, just hoping for the better. I still have like 4 years to go then can get my 5 years long service award here, I just hope I can survive through. Haha

Want to post more but my brain doesn't seem to work, haha. Been feeling so tired at work recently, maybe also because year end is approaching. Kind of hate it because one year passed so fast and Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming, which is the occasion I don't like the most because we need to do house visiting at relatives place, and some only visit during CNY =.=

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Revieve - 5

Continuous, 2016
It was freezing cold in Taiwan since we went late February, it can go as low as 9°C with thin clothes some more. We had an enjoyable 9 days at Tai Chung and Taipei, so far the longest trip we had together. Previously in 2015 were either 8 days (with his friends to Taipei only) or 7 days (our first Taipei trip). Although we spent more this time round, but we enjoyed so much, from accommodation to food and to attractions. We brought back 2 carton of boxes because we know that we might not be going back there for the next few years, so we bought a lot of Jiang Mu Cha this time. After the trip, we have to come back and strive harder so that we can plan for another trip. We are planning to travel next year 3Q, so now need to save super a lot for the trip. I already set aside my Annual Leave for next year, haha.

Once we returned from the long trip, we quickly apply for the February BTO which happen to open during that period. Surprisingly, we got it this time with a decent number within the range, after trying and spending so much for the past 2 years plus. Details can be obtained from my Facebook or probably release when date is closer. We just selected our desire unit like almost 1 month ago so now waiting for the second appointment. We are really blessed for this BTO #thanks #gohonzon #nmhrgk

2016 is a busy year for me, especially March to September. Signed up for a Post Graduate Diploma course, which will let me standby for Master in future. During this period my mum also forced me to join NDP because she wanted me to bring my cousin along, and so I did. Even agreed to bring another friend along. So the 3 of us keep hanging around during the period. But my course is a weekend (Sat &Sun) course, I have to not only burn my full weekend going school for class but also attending the training on Saturday after class. When the rehearsals approached, I have to rush down right after class ends. Totally no time to stay back and discuss with group mates on the assignments. Luckily assignments are all well done. However, I failed 1 module and now waiting to take the supplementary exam after paying a sum for it. Hopefully I can pass this time, and also concurrently waiting for the other exam result.

Not just studying and joining NDP, but also 2 weddings bridesmaid during that period.

(To be continued ...)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Revieve - 4

Continuous, 2015 (A post full of L-O-V-E)
Although we had a few short trip to Malaysia and Batam (like 1D / 2D1N), but it was our very first time travelling out for so many days by ourselves. Planned, booked and off to Taiwan for the very first time and spending quality time together. It was super cold yet he warmth me :)

So much planning and researching and we really enjoyed ourselves. Had so much great food with the best accompanied. We booked a luxury apartment with slightly higher security and with the most convenient location at a slightly above average price, but it's all worth it.

Went to Madame Tussauds Singapore on the same month and I have to say that month we took damn a lot of photos, haha. But the trip to Madame Tussauds Singapore was short, we took less than 1hr inside. After that head to Vivocity for 1-for-1 starbucks since I had a new card and it was new registration.

We had simple Valentine's Day and his birthday celebration as we were in the mist of looking for new job. While I prepare a simple gift for my bf for the anniversary, I prepared his graduation gift too. Didn't ask him about the feedback or how he felt when he received but personally I was enjoying the process. Had a simple meal and dessert as anniversary celebration. Same as the previous year, we didn't get to meet up or celebrate on the actual day. It's another advance celebration but we don't mind because it's the thoughts that count. At least we make the effort to have a mini celebrate or splendid meal in the month.

Thanks to a friend, I watched 2015 NDP with my boyfriend under the scotching hot weather. Although tiring and long day, but we enjoyed every bit of it because we spend it together :) Queued for the cheap sushi at raffles link, although so-so only, but at least it filled our tummy since it was late after the NDP ends. There were many people around too, but lucky we only waited like 30 mins because people eat finish and left straight without hogging it.

In the same year, we went to Taiwan twice. It was quite last minute for me because boyfriend keep asking, so we went with the rest of his guy friends (total 5 boys and I was the only girl). Went to some usual places as well as new places we haven't been before. During that time I just got converted to Fulltime in my new workplace so I was quite unwilling to go especially we had already planned to go Taiwan again in February 2016.

A year where we took our graduation family photos too ~
Tried fried ice-cream :)

(To be continued ...)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Revieve - 3

Continuous, 2014 & 2015 (A post full of L-O-V-E)
My boyfriend and I first time spending quality time together with my family in Malaysia. Although is only a short 2D1N, mainly to LEGOLAND, but we had a very enjoyable overnight stay at KSL resort. Took plenty of photos and enjoy the games there, I have to say it's really fun even though in between my family give a lot of headache to me. Whenever out with my family sure headache, because sure got things suddenly pop out then I will need help out. Usually I am the main person to organise, book, plan and look after all of them. I feel like parents of 3, LOLs.

Had an enjoyable advance anniversary dinner at 'The Line' with my boyfriend for our first year. Although the night wasn't smooth, but we still enjoyed it so much with each other presence.

Stand by outside the platform around afternoon so that we get to see the NDP fireworks. I have to say that it was really a super long wait, luckily we managed to sit and wait under the late afternoon and evening sun. The crowd was really scary, but we went for dinner right after the fireworks with about 30mins wait outside one of the sushi shop along raffles link. Food not as fantastic but price is cheap, thus a lot of people queuing and waiting.

Although my birthday falls on my boyfriend's exam period, he still try to squeeze out about 2 hrs to have a simple dinner nearby with me. After which, he went back to continue mugging for exam. Sometimes because of exams, we will not be able to meet up for weeks, but luckily messages never stop flowing within us despite not meeting frequently. Hehex... at times, this boy is so sweet and I feel so showered with his love.

December 2014 was an outing month because we had overnight stay at one of the hotel in Sentosa with my family. My first ever visit to USS, playing and taking plenty of photos. Although as usual spending time with family means headache, we still enjoy ourselves. HAHA ~ Went Trick Eye in the same month too, with his friends. Took so many photos although there were many people. But I think go there once is good enough, nothing much, LOLs.

Had our second NYC together, with his friends. Really amazing how I manage to stay awake whole night without any nap in between while some still catch some sleep. HAHA ~ Only sleep in the morning when we got home and sleep through till near dinner time then wake up and dinner together. Of course it takes about 1-2 days for the body to adjust, so if I need to work the follow day, means I am really zombie mode. LOLs.

(To be continued ...)