Monday, October 15, 2012

Ever since my last day of work at Toshiba, end of my 2yrs 5mths.
I've not been blogging.
Had been busy gaming and watching show, and other stuff.
Need to really focus on my next Mon, Tues and Sat papers for next week =X

Today is my first day at Nalco, my 3mths contract.
So far everything looks great.
Got to assist my manager, and helped abit here and there on those reports.
Ahh, documentation.
Because too many terms, have to keep asking what this and that mean, since I was not told =X
Sounds like an irritating new temp staff =X

My offer letter from agent wrote Temp Admin Assistant.
But I reached here, I am told to be HR Assistant. LOLs. Kind of different.
Hope everything goes smoothly for these period =D