Friday, December 30, 2011

Came back to office on Tuesday, after the long weekends.
And this week is rather relax, slacking all the way.
Many company have their shutdown and people clearing leave.
Hehe, and from mid december till now, the buses has fewer people.
Buses move fast, less crowded, more seats as well =D
Gets to see many people at town area too. Because last week town area was crowded, and people people squeezing up and down the train.

Today is the last working day for many companies, and tomorrow will be the last day of 2011.
This is boring, time just passes so fast.
Sometimes I wish time can pause awhile or move slightly slower.
But then, time is actually moving faster and faster every year =.=

Anyway, catch 'Mission Impossible' yesterday. Indeed a good movie =D
Really amazing.
Should have watch those previous season. But nevermind ~
Not too late, I assume =p

Alright, another boring thing is that. . .
Flu bug me for the 3rd day continuously, damn !
Must get well fast, I don't wish to end my 2011 with illness >.<

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

People who had seen my facebook will realize I've gone to Orchard 3times last week.
That was like 'zzz', going to the same place for 3days.
But still, I bought my working shoe there. (for replacement)
Received many x'mas gift from many "Santa Clause" =D
Didn't intend to buy any logcake, but in the end bought a 'Mini Kit-Kat Logcake'
taste and look not bad.
Shall update all the pictures soon - this weekend, I think =p

Anyway this long weekends was great, though spent at home most of the time.

Happy X'mas, happy wkends, happy moment ~~

Now looking forward to countdown, got to plan what to do/where to go.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Dec 2011 really different from usual.
Not just unlucky, also have to spend alot.
What's best is that, I do not have to pay for my new line-phone :)
I remained my old number, and port it to the new operator =D
that means, my old operator service extend another 1.5days =p
I can sms using old operator, as well as using the 3G by my new operator. Just great =p

and bought a new lappie, that cost me $699 (VAIO SONY)
kind of last min planning to buy, so... yepp !!

Still love my new phone & new lappie ^^
not too bad, though a little slow/lag. but still working fine.
was damn busy last 2days, no time to finish reading those news n even look at deals =C

as well as X'mas gifts to buy, that is another bomb !!
last but not least, countdown =.= MAJORRR !!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I haven't sing for quite some time and this year I went for so many times =.=
Yesterday wanted to try the online reservation, since its new.
Or perhaps 'IT IS TOOOO NEW' until I didn't receive any confirmation call from them, DAMN !!
Nevermind, so I called at 11am (which is only few mins back)
WTF !! That cheena lady gave me those LJ impolite tone.
The tone is like she is so unwilling to take my booking, DAMN !!
What's wrong, they said open at 11am and I gave them a call like 11.05am.
5mins grants leh. So unwilling still want to do service line.
No wonder our financial ranking dropped by 1, must be these kind of unconsiderate people. DAMN DAMN !!!!
But still, I booked and end with a 'THANK YOU !'

Thursday, December 15, 2011

BF got his new phone last Thursday night, even though it was a little later than expected. haha.
Luckily the delivery guy did not reached early, because that piggy was sleeping. LOLs. And just when he woke up for few mins, his blackberry phone arrived !! ^^
About 6days, after doing a little updating on his new phone, he went to make a 1-for-1 replacement on Tuesday because the charger spoilt, and also the screen - 'tilt' a little.
I was on MC, yet accompanied him to travel down. We took some time to find that stupid place. Arghh. called the customer service also cannot give us correct direction =.=
But we are smart and lucky enough, haha. Found and get it done so quickly.

Randoms =X
Sweet and lovely ~

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

out of the sudden, I find myself not blogging for very long, thus im here to blog again =D

hmm... bf going to receive his BB-non camera phone this thurs.
im so excited for him and so looking forward to see it during the weekend =p
recently another friend also changed her phone, now im like the only one with a lousy phone =C
arghh... nevermind, 1 more week. keep telling myself that 1 MORE WEEK !!

just hope the phone will replenish, so that i can purchase =p
but im quite hesitate whether to terminate the line first or sign up the new line first =X
if anyone happen to read my blog and saw this line, can you text me via phone or something, tyty =p

dec is the mth im actually quite looking forward.
all the happenings and gatherings or what so ever in dec =D
though there were some "BAD MOMENT" first 2days of dec.
still DEC way to go ~