Thursday, December 26, 2013

December is always the month where people starts to feel lazy because of the holiday season.
Especially the last 2weeks of the month, Christmas and New Year.
After that need to wait for very long then will have another holiday =.=
Also once hit January, going to be busy again.
1year many peak season for me, work and school. LOLs
This time round must cope well, must fight against my holiday laziness. =/
All the planning need to come into action soon, and I am feeling so 'meh ~' =0

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's been more than a month since I last update.
Decided to pop by to update today :)

Christmas is around the corner, and I am cracking my mind on what to buy for my department gift exchange.
Gifts for others are always ok, simple and easy.
But for department, oh my. Don't know what should I buy.
Going to have gift exchange next Tuesday. I need to buy the gift by Saturday, if not no time =X

Next year is only 9 days away. That's so fast.
I hope it's going to be a smooth one.
Though every year also say that, haha.
Always have good and bad, so... I am still quite satisfy.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Past 2 weeks were exam period.
Have been falling sick since then and yet to fully recover.
To be exact, I have been falling sick very often since working here.
It's like every month visit doctor once, more like a routine already. Which is bad =/
Every month I am either on MC or Leave or Both =X
Everytime I go back to work, I need to rush like mad.
Luckily end of year, many people go on leave. Can relax abit.
Hope I can do well in exam as well as work.
Need to rest more, especially during this school holiday.

My dad actually asked me whether I'm really going to switch job next year.
I told him, yah ~
Then I think again, actually this job is good. I have exam leave and many benefits.
The only thing is that workload sucks big time.
Actually I don't mind carrying on here, but I wish to go further.
I got my own plan, I know what is good for myself.
So I will slowly look for a job after next year CNY, while continue working here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Home desktop down with virus, cannot blog =C
Finally finished with my hectic workload, can slowly clear my own things already.
Previously was busy with orientation stuff, plus many shitty work to clear.
Everyday can work up to 12hrs, not enough rest.
It last for like 3weeks.
Next week going to start having exam, kind of nervous and scare =X
I hope I can make it, hopefully.
Really need to force myself to chant more diamoku.

Actually there are so many things to update, but I am so lazy to think and type it all here.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bought Note 3 with bf last saturday, super happy =D
Have been busy with this phone, setting and doing my contact list and everything.
Still in the process of figuring this new phone :)
Things have been so pack, money have been spending like water.
But life have been so great :)

Work already so busy, yet this orientation thing making me more busy.
Hope everything goes smoothly.
Time have been passing so quickly.
Can't wait, but also hope time pause. Feel old =C

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Almost forgot I still have a blog, LOLs.
If not bf mentioned about it, I think I don't know when then will update this pathetic blog of mine. HAHA ~
Had been busy with assignments since last week, as mentioned in previous post.
Rush until cannot breathe, not enough rest.
Then health keep giving red light signal =.=
I work here for 6 months, spent about $200 on medical already =.=
No fun !!
Haven't been so poor in health until like that before.
Luckily medical can claim up to 90% thru my flexi package.
Still got some standby for later use, haha. In case I fall sick again =X
Bad Bad Year, because health really very very bad =C
Hopefully next year will be better, especially after the change of environment =\

I love this month, already passed half of the month already. So fast ~ =C
And 1 year only once, sianz ~
Shall look forward to next year then, whic mean I am turning older and older =.=
Double Sian-ness =.= ||

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Life's Great

Time for a little updates :)
Past few weeks really busy, weekends totally burn for assignments.
Finally finish 1, still got 1 more to go =/
Need to finish in 1week, think need to burn abit of midnight oil this weekend *sighs*
But after that can enjoy abit :)
On the same week also busy weekend.
I think every weekend also busy, LOLs.
Always got something on, hmm. Sounds enjoying life :)

Looking forward to September...
Looking forward to December...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This feeling never go...
Since primary school, to secondary school, then polytechnic, now university.
Why am I so useless, especially when it comes to studies.
Never once I did well for studies, yet I keep trying and trying and trying.
Sometimes I wish to give up, tired of trying and failing.
A person like me who can't handle stress, can go nowhere far.
I've been turning circle in studies.
Spending tons of money on studies [my own hard earn money]
So what if I have back-up plan everytime, I'm not doing well, I'm going nowhere.
Sometimes I feel rather useless and depress.
I have lots of plans and back-ups, but I really detest going for back-ups.
Making me feel more dumb.

The only happy moment are usually with my loved ones, they make me pull down for awhile.
But I still have to force myself to face the reality, though I really don't like it.
Because I know I'm always doing and going extra miles compare to others.
People always see me positive on outer, but inner - its horrible, and I don't think anyone want to see/know.
Depression - Never leave me since I was very young, and I know it will never leave me


... ... ...

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Since I login to my blogger, I shall post something. LOLs.
So happy, today off work at 4pm because Nurses Day :)
We get to attend the whole event.
Good and bad... ...
Good - Off from work early
Bad - Staying back until 9plus 10plus because volunteer to distribute gifts to Nurses
So many things on hand, so many things pending.
Sometimes I wish to have more time.
But that also mean I will die very soon, because everybody shouldn't be given so much time.
Everything is fair.
So... yea ~
At least I'm contented with what I have and what I've gone through.

Since today got event, I shall take more photos and upload to my FB.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Been so busy, finally got some spare to to blog.
Though I'm feeling duper tired and sleepy =/
Today is really OMFG !!
I actually walked into the boy's toilet and used it, LOLs.
Though I somehow think I went to the wrong toilet, I'm just to tired to walk out.
So I just use finish and go off, LOLs.
And somehow got people walk in, I try to avoid by walking out super fast. LOLs.
If I'm not wrong, this is like my don't know how many times using the boy's toilet since young.

Then while alighting, I knock my head again =.=
Not that I'm tall, just too tired =/
Schooling for the past 2days as well, plus today is 3days.
Tomorrow still need to stay back to distribute snacks for nurses, nurses day.
Think reach home should be 10plus already.
We OT no extra pay or off, so quite not worth. But... never mind =.=

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Going to meet 3 strangers. Though not my first time meeting up with strangers, but still a little nervous.
My photocopied textbook's buyers.
I wonder how I am I going to carry that 3 sets =.=
Luckily I already planned my route =p
Hopefully everything goes smoothly =D
After that shall sum up and split the amount with the rest =D

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Enjoying ~~

Finally got time to blog abit =p
That time want to update my details, who knows template too old already, cannot support.
Now blog become default =.=
Though life have been great, but school starting soon =X
Luckily I'm not alone =p
Shall stop here, because I don't know how to express my happiness through words =X
Shall update when I feel less tired =D

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's like a long long time since I last blogged, but no. LOLs.
Life have been great since I made my decision and being firm with it.
I know life will be more awesome :)

Since Monday, took half day MC. Thursday and Friday MC again =.=
It's like only worked for 2days =.=
Next Monday having exam, need to fight through my sickness to study for it !!
I left with 1day, not even half way there =.=
Hopefully Monday will be a smooth smooth =X

Then Tuesday go back office die =.=
Confirm plus chop chop work pile until I cannot breathe again =/

Friday, June 14, 2013

Time to update something again :)
Time have been moving very quickly.
June is ending, July is coming and end of year is coming.
That also mean I am stepping into stages even sooner.
A little fear, a little worry, a little anxious, a little excited.
Kind of don't know what to do, just trying to enjoy my current life and status now.
Then put all those concerns behind.
Hopefully I have no regrets. I am planning and walking on my path.
I hope everything I do are right, because sometimes I wonder around and think whether I've made the right choice.
Probably, I should just follow... ...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Its my Saturday duty again, covering for another colleague who is going vacation during this long weekend.
Haha, I'm such a nice colleague. LOLs.
Next week will be my 3rd month here, time flies.
I had my Saturday duty exactly 1 month ago, and now my 2nd duty =p
Means I have 8hrs off to clear, hehex.
Freezing cold here, because only me and another colleague on duty.
Usually Saturday duty only 2-3 people. So, even with jacket also cold =.=
Still got 2hrs 30mins, time pass very fast because I'm busy doing things.
Like doing my assignment for the past 1hr, and chit chat to cleaner aunty. LOLs.
Also help my boss to pack her stuff.
She had been on urgent leave for the whole week, and tomorrow she is flying away for Recruitment Trip.
Hope she is doing fine, and everything goes smoothly.

Can't wait for next week to arrive, because I'm going on a date with bf =p
Haven't been dating for like months. The most only last mintue movie and meal then we head home already.
Next week going somewhere further for date, take photos, buy present for friend.
Can't wait.

I used to dream...
But I know it won't happen already, it's going to postpone. Dream, only dream...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Had my hair cut and dye last Thursday.
Exam, last Friday.
Intensive module start immediately on Monday =.=
Whole week very busy and tired.
Though I'm always busy and tired, LOLs.

Enjoying my work life, my school life, my life :)

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Realized I haven't been blogging for more than 2months.
Can see how busy I am, especially after I've got my current job.
2months here, and I am still enjoying my work.
Nice welfare and working environment, so far, so good.
Everything should be able to be within my plan. Just like my previous job, though leaving my first company is not easy.
Not easy because I really love the working environment and people there.
Everything in life, things need to come to an end, same goes for this.
I try to follow my plan closely, almost 100% =D

I don't know how many people or friends still come and read my blog.
But I enjoy typing what I feel here, once in awhile. I feel better after blogging.
Since secondary school life until now, never stop me from blogging :)
Just like music, since 20years ago. It never leave me at all. My life =D

Nobody understand yourself more than yourself. Agree totally.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Had been so busy since CNY.
Busy visiting relative's house, school assignment, send resume.
Sent quite a number of resume, but only 2 replied to ask me down for interview.
Lucky me, I got both offer within a day. But I firmly rejected the other one.
It's because of the job scope, environment and location. It's convenient from home to work, but from workplace to school is extremely far.
Though the first one i accept, the workplace also quite far.
But at least it's nearer to my home, travel to school nearer than the other offer.
Most importantly, I prefer the job scope offered by them.
Though there are PROs and CONs, I believe long-run it will benefit me.
So I have to endure and tell myself 'I must make it, time pass fast'
Telling myself I have to do well, and everything must be smooth.
I went to sign the agreement with the agent on the same day I accepted the offer.
Then, next day signed the appointment letter with the company.
Also went for pre-employment health check the following morning.
Timing is very match with mine, so I have no problem going down continuously for all these.
I informed my supervisor the day I accepted the offer, but only tender the resignation letter 1week after (which is tomorrow).
Sent resignation email to agency to end my current contract, with a 3days notice too.

This friday will be my last day with this company, 5months.
And, 'WOW', that's fast.
Lucky enough to join their D&D, rent and wore those international costume. Very nice experience.
I will miss the environment, people, freedom and my weekly traditional coffee bean coffee.
I foresee my new workplace to be more busy with no OT pay, less freedom, late for school.
The only advantage for me to decide to leave is because I wish to learn, I want to gain experience.
And they can fulfil them. Most importantly, company usually don't take those with no experience, especially in this field.
That is why I gave up a higher pay job, nice environment, nice colleagues, good working hours, convenient going to school/home from previous company.
People often say I'm crazy, asking me why giving up such a good job.
What I can say is, I want experience. So that I can easily get a good job after my graduation in 2yrs time.
I need to really endure and work with passion, telling myself I can/I should survive...

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

It's been a month since I last blogged.
And this seems to be my starting quote for each post, LOLs.

Alright, has been working here for like 4th months already.
3months contract and extended another 3months, until early April.
Don't think they will want to continue renew or hire me as permanent staff here.
Since I renew my contract, this 4th month was rather bored at work.
Seems like many work are done and I don't have much to do already.
1week, I can really have nothing to do for 3days. That is very terrible, for me =X
I cannot stand nothing to do, have to keep surfing net and play some CNY online game.
Really need to start finding a Full Time Permanent job this CNY, and do my assignment which will due the following week.
Hopefully I can get a job before this contract ends, since I need to sustain my expenses and other commitment.

Start of 2013, January was a lucky one.
Won quite a few stuff from Facebook.
February is good too, though it just started =p
I hope things can be really smooth all the way.

Monday, January 07, 2013

It's been quite a while since I last blogged again.
Wondering up till now, how many are still reading my blog. Or I should just turn this into my personal diary ?
It's 2013 already. Time pass too fast.
I've already worked 3months in this company, today is my last day of 3months contract.
But tomorrow will be the start of another 3months, in this company.
Starting school today too, and I going to pay my school fees later.
Going to start this tight schedule soon, hope everything goes smoothly this year too. Last year was great :)

I am going to search for my notebook, which record my achievements (activities participated in SSA)
Because I am going to add in this year.
Going to join NDP, but don't know what's this year theme and the other details. Always blindly join and enjoy, LOLs.
With studies and work, and NDP this year. I hope it will be a very smooth one.
Currently, it looks like the schedules are pretty alright. Everything seems fine, nothing crash... YET !!