Friday, November 23, 2012

Ahh... haven't been blogging since I started my new job (3 months contract)
1 month plus never blog, wonder there are still reader reading this blog.
Time pass really fast.
Recently has been anxiously and eagerly waiting for results.
Hopefully those results I am waiting for can really turn out positive and smooth.
Since the start of November, all the way till Mid December, I will have heart attack =X
I believe it will extend until next year =X
I am keeping myself to think as positive as I can.
Chanting to Gohonzon that everything will be smooth as hoped and wished !

Phone has been in my bag most of time when I am at work.
So people always can't contact me, LOLs.
I want to do things fast and do more things at work, so have to put phone aside.
Time pass really fast at work, not because of the slightly shorter working hours.
I just don't know how to explain. HAHA. Anyway that's good sign, means I am enjoying, yea ?

Today is our office open house, can claim OT =p
Since I started working, I've done 2hrs OT =D
Plus today, 2hrs. Extra money, happy happy :)