Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's like a long long time since I last blogged, but no. LOLs.
Life have been great since I made my decision and being firm with it.
I know life will be more awesome :)

Since Monday, took half day MC. Thursday and Friday MC again =.=
It's like only worked for 2days =.=
Next Monday having exam, need to fight through my sickness to study for it !!
I left with 1day, not even half way there =.=
Hopefully Monday will be a smooth smooth =X

Then Tuesday go back office die =.=
Confirm plus chop chop work pile until I cannot breathe again =/

Friday, June 14, 2013

Time to update something again :)
Time have been moving very quickly.
June is ending, July is coming and end of year is coming.
That also mean I am stepping into stages even sooner.
A little fear, a little worry, a little anxious, a little excited.
Kind of don't know what to do, just trying to enjoy my current life and status now.
Then put all those concerns behind.
Hopefully I have no regrets. I am planning and walking on my path.
I hope everything I do are right, because sometimes I wonder around and think whether I've made the right choice.
Probably, I should just follow... ...