Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Life's Great

Time for a little updates :)
Past few weeks really busy, weekends totally burn for assignments.
Finally finish 1, still got 1 more to go =/
Need to finish in 1week, think need to burn abit of midnight oil this weekend *sighs*
But after that can enjoy abit :)
On the same week also busy weekend.
I think every weekend also busy, LOLs.
Always got something on, hmm. Sounds enjoying life :)

Looking forward to September...
Looking forward to December...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This feeling never go...
Since primary school, to secondary school, then polytechnic, now university.
Why am I so useless, especially when it comes to studies.
Never once I did well for studies, yet I keep trying and trying and trying.
Sometimes I wish to give up, tired of trying and failing.
A person like me who can't handle stress, can go nowhere far.
I've been turning circle in studies.
Spending tons of money on studies [my own hard earn money]
So what if I have back-up plan everytime, I'm not doing well, I'm going nowhere.
Sometimes I feel rather useless and depress.
I have lots of plans and back-ups, but I really detest going for back-ups.
Making me feel more dumb.

The only happy moment are usually with my loved ones, they make me pull down for awhile.
But I still have to force myself to face the reality, though I really don't like it.
Because I know I'm always doing and going extra miles compare to others.
People always see me positive on outer, but inner - its horrible, and I don't think anyone want to see/know.
Depression - Never leave me since I was very young, and I know it will never leave me


... ... ...

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Since I login to my blogger, I shall post something. LOLs.
So happy, today off work at 4pm because Nurses Day :)
We get to attend the whole event.
Good and bad... ...
Good - Off from work early
Bad - Staying back until 9plus 10plus because volunteer to distribute gifts to Nurses
So many things on hand, so many things pending.
Sometimes I wish to have more time.
But that also mean I will die very soon, because everybody shouldn't be given so much time.
Everything is fair.
So... yea ~
At least I'm contented with what I have and what I've gone through.

Since today got event, I shall take more photos and upload to my FB.