Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Home desktop down with virus, cannot blog =C
Finally finished with my hectic workload, can slowly clear my own things already.
Previously was busy with orientation stuff, plus many shitty work to clear.
Everyday can work up to 12hrs, not enough rest.
It last for like 3weeks.
Next week going to start having exam, kind of nervous and scare =X
I hope I can make it, hopefully.
Really need to force myself to chant more diamoku.

Actually there are so many things to update, but I am so lazy to think and type it all here.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bought Note 3 with bf last saturday, super happy =D
Have been busy with this phone, setting and doing my contact list and everything.
Still in the process of figuring this new phone :)
Things have been so pack, money have been spending like water.
But life have been so great :)

Work already so busy, yet this orientation thing making me more busy.
Hope everything goes smoothly.
Time have been passing so quickly.
Can't wait, but also hope time pause. Feel old =C