Monday, January 07, 2013

It's been quite a while since I last blogged again.
Wondering up till now, how many are still reading my blog. Or I should just turn this into my personal diary ?
It's 2013 already. Time pass too fast.
I've already worked 3months in this company, today is my last day of 3months contract.
But tomorrow will be the start of another 3months, in this company.
Starting school today too, and I going to pay my school fees later.
Going to start this tight schedule soon, hope everything goes smoothly this year too. Last year was great :)

I am going to search for my notebook, which record my achievements (activities participated in SSA)
Because I am going to add in this year.
Going to join NDP, but don't know what's this year theme and the other details. Always blindly join and enjoy, LOLs.
With studies and work, and NDP this year. I hope it will be a very smooth one.
Currently, it looks like the schedules are pretty alright. Everything seems fine, nothing crash... YET !!