Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Almost forgot I still have a blog, LOLs.
If not bf mentioned about it, I think I don't know when then will update this pathetic blog of mine. HAHA ~
Had been busy with assignments since last week, as mentioned in previous post.
Rush until cannot breathe, not enough rest.
Then health keep giving red light signal =.=
I work here for 6 months, spent about $200 on medical already =.=
No fun !!
Haven't been so poor in health until like that before.
Luckily medical can claim up to 90% thru my flexi package.
Still got some standby for later use, haha. In case I fall sick again =X
Bad Bad Year, because health really very very bad =C
Hopefully next year will be better, especially after the change of environment =\

I love this month, already passed half of the month already. So fast ~ =C
And 1 year only once, sianz ~
Shall look forward to next year then, whic mean I am turning older and older =.=
Double Sian-ness =.= ||