Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My blogger home page changed new design.
Hope I can get use to this new outlook =D

Haven't been in a good mood and cheerful me for quite some time last week.
Things had been troubling me, and I hope I can overcome them.
I hope my skill ain't rusty too, JYs !! :)

Previous post was saying that I will be attending 2 of my bf's graduation ceremony.
Yea, but I haven't apply leave yet. Maybe next few days must apply already.
Thinking about this year, is really passing fast. Now is already End of April, May is coming.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Got 2 super good news !!
Bf got his bursary money from CC liao ~
Then he is also qualified for the Merit Award.
Merit Award = Top 5% of the course cohort =D
He is so damn smart and talented.

Im going to attend two of his graduation ceremony. =p
1 for his graduation ceremony in HQ - for his certificate
1 for his Merit Certificate ceremony in NUS.
He shown me NUS cultural hall, OMG !!
So damn big and beautiful ~
Maybe next week then apply half day leave for each of it =D
Seriously, he is great ! No word to express how smart my bf is =D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally, everything comes to an end ~
All the excitement and looking forward has ended.
Bf's birthday is over, and he turned 21 yesterday.
Though Im not the first to wish him, though I did not really make his 21st unique.
But, I believe what I gave him this year are something special that he never thought of =D
Photos are on FB, so viewer can browse through my FB to take a look on them =D

This year Im really spending too much, need to save more too.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Im super excited, especially when it draws closer.
Though it's just a normal birthday celebration for my bf, 21st.
21st should be made official and slightly grand a little, but he choose not to.
Alright, Im rather excited than him even though he is the 1 turning 21, not me.
This is the first time, Im paying something for his liking/needs.
He started work, 2months contract, so in need of formal top.
So last weekend went to look for it and bought 2.
1 at original price and another at half price.
As we know, guy's formal usually are more expensive than female.
And I didn't set any budget, LOLs. That's only when he asked me then I realise I got no budget =.=
Anyway, most importantly he is happy with it. (I will be happy when I know he is too =D)
That 2 formal top were for his upcoming birthday =p

Monday, April 02, 2012

This few days really suay.
Don't feel like talking about it.
Anyway my HK trip with friends postponed to early October due to 1 of them found a new job.
So got 3months probation.
At least we got more time to look for a good deal, meanwhile need to save up a little.
Because this month I got 2 VIP birthday.
I just settled 1, now waiting for the other 1 to update me her schedule.
Since the day of pay day until today, I really spent quite alot.
Later need to go ATM do some transfer and checking so can tally my own record.

This year is a year I will spend alot.
Overseas, attend weddings and birthdays =X