Friday, July 27, 2012

Have been super duper busy =X

Busy at work:
Because we are moving to new office. (Much smaller =.=)
And I'm the main coordinator for the department, so abit busy.
Those information were given late, and many last minute information. Seriously our HRA screwed up.
Still preferred my previous HRA team, consider much better :)

Busy with studies:
Not much time to revise.
Yesterday lesson, lecturer said mid-semester test should be the NDP week. On Saturday.
And every Wednesday lesson going to stretch longer, more than just 3hrs.
Is ok, struggle a few more weeks and I will have more time. But no money =X

Upcoming week will be busy.
This weekends need to do HomeWork. (will be every weekends)
Next Tuesday on-leave =p But going to do some revision because Thursday's lesson will have "TEST" (Not Actual)
Tuesday on leave because evening going to have cable car sky-dining with BF :)
The one we won during the 'Egg Hunt' game that time, hehex. So happy and looking forward :))

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Since this week, Monday, I started schooling and working FT life.
This week and next week are very shag weeks for me. =C
This week timetable Monday-Wednesday & Friday. Next week timetable Monday-Friday !!!!!
After that will back to normal 3 days lesson per week.
So I have to survive these tiring 2weeks !! JiaYou ss !!!!

So far so good. Schooling is tiring for now because of my work. But going to end soon.
Will announce here soon when there is progress. LOLs.

Was supposed to go partyworld last month (Forget when)
But but but ... ...
Ok, don't talk about it. That was the worst service ever ! For singing.
So we postponed our singing session and venue to another cheapo place =D
(wait a min, did I mentioned who I went with ?)
Went TeoHeng, located at Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC)
Can take shuttle bus from Woodland/Sembawang/Yishun MRT station.
Is crazy !! Is cheap !!
Can click the hyperlink to see their website.
Other than SSC, there are other places as well. Malaysia also got TeoHeng.
  • Cheap Room Rate (By Room, not per head count)
  • No GST/Charges (Room Rate, Nett)
  • Drinks at $1, food like Nacho Cheese (No free drinks & tidbits)
  • Touch-screen monitor (No remote control)
Okay, that's the good and special parts. Now comes the not so good one.
  • 2 MICs (there will be charger for you to charge the mic if it runs out of batteries)
  • Touch-Screen Monitor too sensitive
  • Have to go to 'Selected Songs' to delete songs that are accidently selected
  • Inconvenient location (can check all location here:TeoHeng)
Nothing much to complain about, as overall is good experience.
But some tips to take note/Recommend:
Small Room best for 1-4 pax
Medium Room best for 5-6 pax
Large Room best for 7-10 pax

Actually the room can squeeze in extra 1 pax, for those want it to be much cheaper.
If not, keep to that maximum pax. More comfortable. :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's July already, half a year passed just like that.
School starting soon for me.
I hope everything will be smooth sailing, and things will be according to plan.

And bf going to receive his CCA medal and certificate :)
Is a morning session, but since he is given a full day leave at work, I shall take full day as well.
Not going to HK already, so I can afford to take leave as well.

Ohh yah, redeemed our sky dining voucher last saturday.
I think we will be booking it on the same day since we are on leave, hehex.
I bet it is going to be a great day and night for us ^^