Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Had been so busy since CNY.
Busy visiting relative's house, school assignment, send resume.
Sent quite a number of resume, but only 2 replied to ask me down for interview.
Lucky me, I got both offer within a day. But I firmly rejected the other one.
It's because of the job scope, environment and location. It's convenient from home to work, but from workplace to school is extremely far.
Though the first one i accept, the workplace also quite far.
But at least it's nearer to my home, travel to school nearer than the other offer.
Most importantly, I prefer the job scope offered by them.
Though there are PROs and CONs, I believe long-run it will benefit me.
So I have to endure and tell myself 'I must make it, time pass fast'
Telling myself I have to do well, and everything must be smooth.
I went to sign the agreement with the agent on the same day I accepted the offer.
Then, next day signed the appointment letter with the company.
Also went for pre-employment health check the following morning.
Timing is very match with mine, so I have no problem going down continuously for all these.
I informed my supervisor the day I accepted the offer, but only tender the resignation letter 1week after (which is tomorrow).
Sent resignation email to agency to end my current contract, with a 3days notice too.

This friday will be my last day with this company, 5months.
And, 'WOW', that's fast.
Lucky enough to join their D&D, rent and wore those international costume. Very nice experience.
I will miss the environment, people, freedom and my weekly traditional coffee bean coffee.
I foresee my new workplace to be more busy with no OT pay, less freedom, late for school.
The only advantage for me to decide to leave is because I wish to learn, I want to gain experience.
And they can fulfil them. Most importantly, company usually don't take those with no experience, especially in this field.
That is why I gave up a higher pay job, nice environment, nice colleagues, good working hours, convenient going to school/home from previous company.
People often say I'm crazy, asking me why giving up such a good job.
What I can say is, I want experience. So that I can easily get a good job after my graduation in 2yrs time.
I need to really endure and work with passion, telling myself I can/I should survive...

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

It's been a month since I last blogged.
And this seems to be my starting quote for each post, LOLs.

Alright, has been working here for like 4th months already.
3months contract and extended another 3months, until early April.
Don't think they will want to continue renew or hire me as permanent staff here.
Since I renew my contract, this 4th month was rather bored at work.
Seems like many work are done and I don't have much to do already.
1week, I can really have nothing to do for 3days. That is very terrible, for me =X
I cannot stand nothing to do, have to keep surfing net and play some CNY online game.
Really need to start finding a Full Time Permanent job this CNY, and do my assignment which will due the following week.
Hopefully I can get a job before this contract ends, since I need to sustain my expenses and other commitment.

Start of 2013, January was a lucky one.
Won quite a few stuff from Facebook.
February is good too, though it just started =p
I hope things can be really smooth all the way.