Thursday, September 15, 2016

Revieve - 5

Continuous, 2016
It was freezing cold in Taiwan since we went late February, it can go as low as 9°C with thin clothes some more. We had an enjoyable 9 days at Tai Chung and Taipei, so far the longest trip we had together. Previously in 2015 were either 8 days (with his friends to Taipei only) or 7 days (our first Taipei trip). Although we spent more this time round, but we enjoyed so much, from accommodation to food and to attractions. We brought back 2 carton of boxes because we know that we might not be going back there for the next few years, so we bought a lot of Jiang Mu Cha this time. After the trip, we have to come back and strive harder so that we can plan for another trip. We are planning to travel next year 3Q, so now need to save super a lot for the trip. I already set aside my Annual Leave for next year, haha.

Once we returned from the long trip, we quickly apply for the February BTO which happen to open during that period. Surprisingly, we got it this time with a decent number within the range, after trying and spending so much for the past 2 years plus. Details can be obtained from my Facebook or probably release when date is closer. We just selected our desire unit like almost 1 month ago so now waiting for the second appointment. We are really blessed for this BTO #thanks #gohonzon #nmhrgk

2016 is a busy year for me, especially March to September. Signed up for a Post Graduate Diploma course, which will let me standby for Master in future. During this period my mum also forced me to join NDP because she wanted me to bring my cousin along, and so I did. Even agreed to bring another friend along. So the 3 of us keep hanging around during the period. But my course is a weekend (Sat &Sun) course, I have to not only burn my full weekend going school for class but also attending the training on Saturday after class. When the rehearsals approached, I have to rush down right after class ends. Totally no time to stay back and discuss with group mates on the assignments. Luckily assignments are all well done. However, I failed 1 module and now waiting to take the supplementary exam after paying a sum for it. Hopefully I can pass this time, and also concurrently waiting for the other exam result.

Not just studying and joining NDP, but also 2 weddings bridesmaid during that period.

(To be continued ...)