Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Revieve - 4

Continuous, 2015 (A post full of L-O-V-E)
Although we had a few short trip to Malaysia and Batam (like 1D / 2D1N), but it was our very first time travelling out for so many days by ourselves. Planned, booked and off to Taiwan for the very first time and spending quality time together. It was super cold yet he warmth me :)

So much planning and researching and we really enjoyed ourselves. Had so much great food with the best accompanied. We booked a luxury apartment with slightly higher security and with the most convenient location at a slightly above average price, but it's all worth it.

Went to Madame Tussauds Singapore on the same month and I have to say that month we took damn a lot of photos, haha. But the trip to Madame Tussauds Singapore was short, we took less than 1hr inside. After that head to Vivocity for 1-for-1 starbucks since I had a new card and it was new registration.

We had simple Valentine's Day and his birthday celebration as we were in the mist of looking for new job. While I prepare a simple gift for my bf for the anniversary, I prepared his graduation gift too. Didn't ask him about the feedback or how he felt when he received but personally I was enjoying the process. Had a simple meal and dessert as anniversary celebration. Same as the previous year, we didn't get to meet up or celebrate on the actual day. It's another advance celebration but we don't mind because it's the thoughts that count. At least we make the effort to have a mini celebrate or splendid meal in the month.

Thanks to a friend, I watched 2015 NDP with my boyfriend under the scotching hot weather. Although tiring and long day, but we enjoyed every bit of it because we spend it together :) Queued for the cheap sushi at raffles link, although so-so only, but at least it filled our tummy since it was late after the NDP ends. There were many people around too, but lucky we only waited like 30 mins because people eat finish and left straight without hogging it.

In the same year, we went to Taiwan twice. It was quite last minute for me because boyfriend keep asking, so we went with the rest of his guy friends (total 5 boys and I was the only girl). Went to some usual places as well as new places we haven't been before. During that time I just got converted to Fulltime in my new workplace so I was quite unwilling to go especially we had already planned to go Taiwan again in February 2016.

A year where we took our graduation family photos too ~
Tried fried ice-cream :)

(To be continued ...)