Friday, November 08, 2013

Past 2 weeks were exam period.
Have been falling sick since then and yet to fully recover.
To be exact, I have been falling sick very often since working here.
It's like every month visit doctor once, more like a routine already. Which is bad =/
Every month I am either on MC or Leave or Both =X
Everytime I go back to work, I need to rush like mad.
Luckily end of year, many people go on leave. Can relax abit.
Hope I can do well in exam as well as work.
Need to rest more, especially during this school holiday.

My dad actually asked me whether I'm really going to switch job next year.
I told him, yah ~
Then I think again, actually this job is good. I have exam leave and many benefits.
The only thing is that workload sucks big time.
Actually I don't mind carrying on here, but I wish to go further.
I got my own plan, I know what is good for myself.
So I will slowly look for a job after next year CNY, while continue working here.