Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mood: Irritated

Sometimes I wonder why some people just cannot mind their own business. It's like our family issues, why you all want to interfere our way of thinking and acting. I know it's good to follow, but we have our thinking and ways of doing. We try to accommodate but we cannot be doing everything you all want mahx. Sometimes money is the concern and sometimes happy or not is another thing also, many consideration not just blindly follow, you need to see whether it is necessary and also whether everything is within reach.

Some people just cannot keep their mouth shut. They may or may not know it hurts, but 'HELLO' who the hell are you to comment so many things when the family are ok with the arrangement. Seriously leh, damn hate it but cannot say it. Not because I am afraid of you but because I respect you all as an elderly to give comments. But please keep all comments to yourself because we are the one handling the issues, not you. And you just need to freaking keep you mouth shut on the issues. If needed help or what, we don't mind suggestions but not trying to insist and "scold" us continuously like water flow.

Sometimes I pity my parents because on and off they need to handle them. I try to be there to share the "scolding" so that I can feel them and understand my parents situation. Not point saying back because they will counter attack and say even louder until it's like your fault. When we keep insisting, they will be pissed and start being like a principal scolding student. Seriously like WTF !! I am always so pissed with them. I can understand why my brother trying to avoid seeing them, I feel him because I tolerate since young and I am like so immure to all scolding and etc. Reason because I know at times they are just unreasonable people, so no point arguing with them, it's pointless, waste energy only.

Just need to Suck Thumb and let it through, because arguing with unreasonable people are really pointless and waste of time. I got many other things to handle. They like to say then let them say, as long as we insist and continue what we think is right, just go ahead and do it. YOLO, why bother so much.

Feeling so much better throwing everything out. I am glad I still have this blog around :)
Although people might not be viewing anymore, but it's a platform to share my joy and anger and sadness. Making it a point to update as and when possible, but by looking at my previous posts like once a month. LOLs. Good enough =p

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