Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mood: Looking Forward

Finally another part of the planning is down, hehex. (Once it's time to reveal, I will have a whole post it)

I am so happy and looking forward to it, although there might be changes.

After last month knowing that my supervisor is going to leave, she actually whatsapp me the very next day morning. I was shock to reach her whatsapp message because I was preparing to work and suddenly the message came in. In my heart was thinking don't what happen, until I open up the message and saw her saying that she is going to nominate me for promotion, for the January 2017 batch. I was super happy and glad that my supervisor acknowledge my effort at work although I really don't think I deserved it since I am like doing daily routine almost everyday. I think probably because of team work, where I always help the colleagues to get things done. I keep thanking her via whatsapp, even after the approval of the promotion nomination. But she keep saying that I deserve it, so I am really glad to have such appreciated boss. (Although now I am Executive, after promote also Executive, LOLs). At least since I started working here, my salary keep increasing (2 increment each year, since 2015). HAHA ~

Hope can faster increase higher. I am not fancy about the position title, I just want my salary to be higher and be able to cover my house when it's ready for key collection. Need more money for the housing loan. Seems weird that I am not that worry about having kids at the moment but housing, haha.

Exciting 2017 ahead ~

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