Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mood: Hoping

Omg !! I actually failed my supplementary exam and now retaking the whole module all over again. But luckily is not the same lecturer, otherwise might fail again. LOLs.

Done with the 2 weekend classes and now preparing our assignment and also exam. I just did my part for the assignment and hoping to start my revision tonight as next Saturday will be the exam already. Need to think of how to start the revision because the lecturer didn't give much hint or focus point. But somehow this lecturer quite flexible, so I hope can pass because is my last chance. Paid so much and because of this module, my bond with the company cannot start. Abit sian though.

Talking about the training I mentioned in my previous post, which was turned to be a disappointment. What the trainer taught are basic and I have already knew it during my university as well as postgraduate life. I feel like a waste of my time, 1 day some more. Definitely not recommending it to people who are looking for more advance or latest information. In case you all are wondering what training I am talking about, it's about handling multi-generation. Talking about the pioneer, baby boomer, generation X and generation Y only. Why I felt disappointed ? Reason being because it indicate millennial, so I thought is the generation after generation Y, but it's NOT !! They actually replace the generation Y to millennial. During the training, the trainer was not consistent too. The terms are changed in different slides. Anyway just not for me. I believe the training academy is ok, is the course or trainer that is not recommended. Same for some other academy I know, some trainer not very good.

One month plus passed since I last blogged, and I am feeling more sian about the CNY because it's 2 month away. Although since start of November already very holiday mood, due to being away from work a few days, haha. Got some things to share, but now still not the time to share, although this is my personal blog. Things are accumulating, LOLs. I will share when it's time to disclose, hehe.

No matter what kind of life will be ahead of us, we still have to walk through it day after day. Keeping a positive mind and self motivating myself every single day.

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