Monday, June 27, 2016

Revieve - 3

Continuous, 2014 & 2015 (A post full of L-O-V-E)
My boyfriend and I first time spending quality time together with my family in Malaysia. Although is only a short 2D1N, mainly to LEGOLAND, but we had a very enjoyable overnight stay at KSL resort. Took plenty of photos and enjoy the games there, I have to say it's really fun even though in between my family give a lot of headache to me. Whenever out with my family sure headache, because sure got things suddenly pop out then I will need help out. Usually I am the main person to organise, book, plan and look after all of them. I feel like parents of 3, LOLs.

Had an enjoyable advance anniversary dinner at 'The Line' with my boyfriend for our first year. Although the night wasn't smooth, but we still enjoyed it so much with each other presence.

Stand by outside the platform around afternoon so that we get to see the NDP fireworks. I have to say that it was really a super long wait, luckily we managed to sit and wait under the late afternoon and evening sun. The crowd was really scary, but we went for dinner right after the fireworks with about 30mins wait outside one of the sushi shop along raffles link. Food not as fantastic but price is cheap, thus a lot of people queuing and waiting.

Although my birthday falls on my boyfriend's exam period, he still try to squeeze out about 2 hrs to have a simple dinner nearby with me. After which, he went back to continue mugging for exam. Sometimes because of exams, we will not be able to meet up for weeks, but luckily messages never stop flowing within us despite not meeting frequently. Hehex... at times, this boy is so sweet and I feel so showered with his love.

December 2014 was an outing month because we had overnight stay at one of the hotel in Sentosa with my family. My first ever visit to USS, playing and taking plenty of photos. Although as usual spending time with family means headache, we still enjoy ourselves. HAHA ~ Went Trick Eye in the same month too, with his friends. Took so many photos although there were many people. But I think go there once is good enough, nothing much, LOLs.

Had our second NYC together, with his friends. Really amazing how I manage to stay awake whole night without any nap in between while some still catch some sleep. HAHA ~ Only sleep in the morning when we got home and sleep through till near dinner time then wake up and dinner together. Of course it takes about 1-2 days for the body to adjust, so if I need to work the follow day, means I am really zombie mode. LOLs.

(To be continued ...)

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