Friday, June 24, 2016

Revieve - 2

Continuous, 2014 & 2015
New job in Gov is super enjoyable. A group of ladies working together and always lunch together, bond together after work or going overseas together. I will say working with them really is fun because we have work-life balance together. We are so comfortable with each other that we sing and go overseas together too. Overnight in the same room no matter what age group, we just enjoy having fun together.

Although it was a short 1 year contract again, but I do enjoy that short working period. Leaving for the better since I graduated with a Degree. Way before I join them, I already stand firm saying that I will only work there for 1 year, once contract ends, I will leave. And yes, I really stand very firm despite having so much fun and bonding together as colleagues. In between, my boss and even my colleagues approached me to continue working with them, but I rejected without even thinking or considering. Although my boss tried her best to offer higher and fight for me, I still rejected without even considering it. Think I rejected like 3 times within 9 months, LOLs, until she sian and go look for my replacement. To me, once I made up my mind, hardly anything can change it (unless I forget, which I usually does, haha). But when it comes to critical issue, seriously nothing can change my mind once I made the decision, just like how I ended my previous BGR. I got no idea how I can let go a long BGR which lasted almost 5 years in just a split of a second after a conversation with my current boyfriend. I think sometimes I just need someone to guide me through and confirm my decision is right. And when I was in a mist of conclusion, he gave me the 'Green Light', and here I am standing under the rainbow filled with happiness everyday. Super glad to have him in my life because he brighten my life and fill it with colours.

The year where we celebrate our first anniversary, and starts of many planning together as a couple. Showering each other with lots and lots of love and patience. Step by step walking towards our goals. Went for a few overseas trip together, having fun and teasing each other so often that we are so used to it. Having the second anniversary coming, and our love still growing strong, we start to have more planning ahead while juggling the switch of job.

The year of 2015 also marks our new journey in career after getting our Degree. Took graduation photoshoot separately with our parents with each other in the photo. Hanging high up in our house separately, feeling proud of ourselves for obtaining our Degree after a long studying period.

(To be continued ...)

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