Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Revieve - 1

Time to revive this blog after more than 2 years of not entering into the website. Not sure who else will come in and read but I just want to pen down what life have been these 2 years. Will be breaking into few posts since it's going to be a super long post if I type everything here.

I would said that my life was great these 2 years, I foresee life will be more contented and fulfilled in the years ahead.

Continuous, 2014
The start of my new career in Government Sector (Gov) after working with Restructured Hospital (RH) for 1 year. I have to say that I really enjoyed myself in RH because a handful of the colleagues are really nice. Lunch, gossip, complain, work, laugh, joke and etc. With so many activities going on, my working life there was really amazing. Until now, we still try to keep in contact, texting once in awhile when possible.

New course in a new school with totally nobody I knew during that time. However, it was quite a smooth learning journey for me because after 1 year of course, I manage to get my Degree. I also got to know a few friends and trying to keep in contact until now. Although in between one of my ex-colleague in RH join me in the learning journey. Why I said until like so sad case is because this ex-colleague character sometimes can be quite jialat. A few colleagues don't like her character and some don't like hanging out with her. I have to say that I am 1 of the few that don't like her character, but during the period at RH, we still have lunch together and etc.

When I know that she signed up for the course, I feel so terrible because she came to me and ask me to be her referral person. In the school, if you refer someone to a course, you will get cash and study voucher. Sounds very nice of her right, giving me the perks to enjoy. But the reason is otherwise, she want the cash and she ask me to keep the study voucher instead which I don't think I will use in short term. And yes, I forfeited the voucher and did not gain anything, while on another hand she get the cash for indicating my details as a referral. (Ok, I know I sound stupid for giving her the perks instead of keeping it for myself. But I really don't care about the perks during that time, I just want to pass and get my Degree).

Whenever there are classes, she will text me to ask the same questions like [Which classroom ?? What you buying for dinner ?? Are you reaching ?? Where are you ?? Chope seat ok]. Although she have the timetable with classroom indicated. I really got no idea why she still ask when she already know. So sometimes really quite pissed off. But it's ok, I graduate first, haha.

(To be continued ...)

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